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Help Keeping The Database Current
Community Services and Organizations are in a constant state of flux, in our community and in others. As such, we can not possibly be aware of all the changes in the community services and need to rely heavily on these organizations and individual community members to help us keep the database current.

The community services database is completely updated on a yearly basis and regularly scheduled updates to the database are made throughout the year by HIP partners.

When browsing the Halton Community Services Database, you will notice a link at the top of individual listings, "Suggest An Update".

If you notice that the details for a particular group or organization have changed, please use this link to submit your suggestions for required changes to the record. Your suggestions, once submitted, will be electronically forwarded to the Halton Community Information Centre responsible for that record. Once received, it will be reviewed and revised as necessary. Once the suggested change has been confirmed as accurate, the new information will be included in the record.

Please note that as any changes suggested need to first be reviewed, changes in the record will not be visible for several business days.

Once a change has been made to a listing, based on your suggestion, you will be notified that the change has been made, providing you left us an email address where we can contact you.

Please help HIP keep the database current. This is your community database and we need your assistance in keeping it current for the Halton community.

If you feel that the database is missing a listing for a Halton Community Service or Organization, you can suggest a new record be added to the database.

Please read the information below before proceeding to suggest a new record to the database.

As well, please spend some time browsing the database to ensure your suggested listing is not already there, perhaps under a different heading. Also, consider the overall type of listings contained in the Halton Community Service Database before suggesting a new record.

Please refer to our Terms of Use policies if you require further information about the types/categories of records maintained in the community database, and how these records are managed.

Once we receive your form submission we will contact you within 3 business days (by telephone or email) to request further information for this listing, or to notify you that based on the initial information you have provided, the record is not appropriate for the Halton Community Services Database.

Halton Information Providers reserves the right to exclude records from the database. Please see our Exclusion Policy for further details on exclusion, and our Inclusion Policy for the types of records that are maintained in the database.

Suggest A New Database Record

How To Link To The Database
If you are interested in providing a direct link to the Halton Community Services Database for visitors to your web site, we've provided some assistance doing so on this page.

The Halton Community Services Database is a community database. It is designed and maintained with the explicit intent of providing freely accessible information to the community.

Please note that there are limitations and legal expectations/requirements around the use of the database, and individual records in the database. If you have any questions or concerns about linking to the database or making use of records in the database, please refer to the:

HIP Terms of Use for the Halton Community Services Database.

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