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About Halton Information Providers
Halton Information Providers is a coalition of the four Community Information Centres in Halton (CICs); Information Halton Hills, Information Burlington, Information Milton and Information Oakville.

The four CICs are all members of the Association of Community Information Centres in Ontario.

Each individual centre is primarily concerned with helping residents in their respective municipality to access the services they need for survival and general well being, including emergency services that assist with personal and family crises.

HIP is a founding member of the CIOC Homepage CIOC has developed innovative community based software for on-line access and maintenance of community information and volunteer databases.  This internet based application is being implemented across the province in numerous locations. The Halton implementation of this database and web interface currently contains close to 4,000 searchable and current records of programs and services available for the residents of Halton.

Our Mission
The Mission of Halton Information Providers (HIP) is to support the needs of the residents of the Regional Municipality of Halton by maintaining consistent and credible standards of community and human service information.

Our Objectives
HIP exists to serve a number of important objectives in the Halton Community. Specifically, the objectives of HIP include:

Halton Community Services Database

The Halton implementation of the CIOC database and web interface currently contains close to 4000 searchable records of programs and services available for the residents of Halton.

Database results can be searched using various filters and search methods, resulting in a detailed and highly relevant search for community services.  As the database is updated regularly by HIP members, the public has access to the most current Halton community information available on-line.  The database also provides for email and internet links to organizations. HIP and CIOC are continually striving to improve the quality of the database.

If you have any questions, concerns,or simply wish to get in touch with Halton Information Providers, please feel free to contact us.

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