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Link Your Web Site Directly To The Database
Do you have a web site that would benefit from a link to the Halton Community Services Database? Would you like to help us let the Halton community know about the database?

Below we've provided the HTML code and a small graphic (displayed above) that you can use to link directly to the Halton Community Services Database. Simply copy and paste the code snippet below into your page where you would like the link to appear.

<!-- Start Link to Halton Community Services Database-->
<a href="http://search.hipinfo.info/"> <img height="35" width="118" src="" alt="Search The Halton Community Services Database Here" border="0"></a>
<!-- End Link to Halton Community Services Database-->

if you'd prefer, you can download the image here in zipped format, extract it, and upload to your own server.  Simply change the "src=" location in the code above to reflect the location of the "link_hcsd.gif" file on your local web server.

If you would rather use a text link than the image file, insert the code snippet below into the location on your page where you want the link to appear. You may need to add some additional format tags (i.e. font style, size etc.) to have the text match your existing text size and styles.

<a href="http://search.hipinfo.info ">Search The Halton Community Services Database</a>
If you have any questions about linking to the database, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can find contact information here.

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