Oakville Images


The Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate created the original 1999 exhibition, Shadows of War: Not So Long Ago in the 20th Century. Their generosity in sharing this exhibition in an online version is gratefully acknowledged.

This project would not have been possible without the contributions of Oakville war veterans, their families, and their friends. Greatly appreciated for the time they took to share their memories in taped interviews are: Harry Barrett, Roy Kelley, Joy and Geoffrey Smith, Bill Shields. There are more interviews being produced now.

The following people are gratefully acknowledged for their expert historical research assistance: Margaret Buxton, Archivist, Oakville Historical Society; George Chisholm, President, Oakville Historical Society; Elise C. Cole, Local History Librarian, Oakville Public Library; Penny Lipman, Librarian, Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI); Ed Stewart, Curator, HMCS Oakville Collection. Thanks is also given to Peter Marlatt and Michael Johnson for their time and contributions, to Ken Wrigglesworth, Video Producer for the Town of Oakville for his expertise with a camera and interviewing advice, and to the staff of E-Services at Oakville Public Library without whom the project would not have been conceived or carried out.

Finally, our thanks go out to Patricia Buckley, who took on the creative task of creating this digital rendition of Shadows of War, and did a superb job.