Oakville Images

John W. Barnes served in the Royal Canadian Army (4th Battalion). [ Image Details ]
Leonard Bradford (Lieutenant) served overseas during the First World War. He married Gertrude Winter in England in 1919, and returned with her to live in Oakville. [ Image Details ]
O.L. Calverley of the 4th Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles at the CNE grounds in Toronto. The photo was taken before the unit was sent overseas with the Canadian Expeditionary Force. [ Image Details ]
Emelda Chisholm served with the American Red Cross in both World Wars, receiving a special citation from the United States government for her work in the First World War. [ Image Details ]
Frank Herbert Chisholm, Sr. served during the First World War I. [ Image Details ]
George Brock Chisholm was a Lieutenant with the 15th Battalion, 1st Canadian Division. He served as machine gunner during the First World War and received the Military Cross and bar. He served again with the medical services in the Second World War. [ Image Details ]
James McCraney Chisholm, Sr. served during World War I. [ Image Details ]
John Cramp enlisted with the 7th Battalion Canadian Infantry in Vancouver on August 1th, 1914, and went over with the first contingent. Cramp died of pneumonia at #14 General Hospital, England, on October 27, 1918. He had been engaged to marry Kate L. [ Image Details ]
Albert Dudley Hitchcox served during World War I. [ Image Details ]
James Byron Kelley was initially with the Royal Air Force. He later transferred to the Medical Corps and worked overseas as an x-ray equipment operator until the end of the First World War.. [ Image Details ]
Charles Kerr was a Lieutenant with the 18th Battalion "A" Company, Canadian Expeditionary Force. He enlisted at Welland, Ontario, in August 1914. Following the war, he returned to Oakville to 'remarry' Grace Freestone, with whom he had secretly wed b. [ Image Details ]
Clare Laing was with the Royal Flying Corps (Leaside), 1917-1918. [ Image Details ]
Franklin Leaver served in the Canadian Infantry 1914-1918. [ Image Details ]
Robert Edwin Henry Leaver served with a Scottish Regiment, 1914-1918. [ Image Details ]
Wesley Walter Leaver served in the Canadian Infantry, 1914-1918. [ Image Details ]
Bob Lyon (left) and Ed Leaver (right) served in the First World War. [ Image Details ]
John Gordon Leonard was a private with Royal Regiment of Canada, Third Canadian Battalion, 1919 and a prisoner of war at Mecklenberg, Germany.. [ Image Details ]
Kenneth Dean Marlatt joined the 9th Mississauga Horse during the First World War. He went overseas in France with the 4th Battalion Canadian Mounted Rifles and later served as a recruiting officer in the United States. [ Image Details ]
Frank McCranney and Thomas McCranney were privates with the First Canadian Light Infantry; John McCranney, Ross McCranney, and William McCranney were privates with the Canadian Infantry. [ Image Details ]
James Shields served with the Royal Air Force in France, c.1915-1918. He moved to Oakville in 1923. [ Image Details ]
Captain William Sinclair Tuck was a Commissioned Lieutenant, January 1, 1916. He served with the Canadian Field Artillery, 2nd Trench Mortar Battery, Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column. Killed in action, October 30, 1916, he is buried in Courcelle. [ Image Details ]
Frank Wilson served in the First World War. He lived from 1890 to 1995. [ Image Details ]
Richard Winter served in the Royal Engineers 1914-1918, and he took part in the battle of Vimy Ridge. [ Image Details ]
Gertrude Winter served in a military hospital in England 1914-1918. She married Lieutenant Leonard Bradford in England, 1919, and returned with him to Oakville. [ Image Details ]
Carl Wyndham served in the Royal Air Force. [ Image Details ]