Oakville Images

Niagara-on-the-Lake Training Camp for The Halton Rifles Home Guard, c.1916. The Halton Rifles were reorganized in 1931 as teh Lorne Rifles (Scottish) and later amalgamated with the Peel and Dufferin Regiment to form The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment). From left to right: M. Marks, Tom Leaver, Sam Leaver, Henry Leaver, and Bill Pell. [ Image Details ]
Members of Original 4th Canadians, West Sandling, September 3, 1917. [ Image Details ]
4th Battalion Canadian Mounted Rifles at the CNE grounds in Toronto. The photo was taken before the unit was sent overseas with the Canadian Expeditionary Force. [ Image Details ]
First World War scene showing Arras Cathedral, France. Found behind the walls of a house on Navy Street in Oakville, this photo shows the devastation Canadian soldiers encountered in Europe during their service in the First World War. [ Image Details ]
Letter sent to Captain Kenneth Dean Marlatt acknowledging receipt of his contribution to prisoners of war, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, in the hospital at Stuttgart, Germany. In it Marlatt is informed that his donation has been used for four parcels. [ Image Details ]
Framed certificate of service for Charles Kerr, First World War. A photograph of Charles Kerr in military uniform is contained within the certificate. [ Image Details ]
Circumstances of Death Report for Captain William Sinclair Tuck. The report reads in part: "Returning from an inspection of trench mortar positions on the Serre front ... Captain W.S. Tuck [was] struck by a high explosive shell ... Capt. Tuck was carried from the dressing station unconscious and died in a few minutes.  [ Image Details ]
James Byron Kelley (driver's seat) in Oakville. A front-page article in the Oakville News announced his return on 17 September 1919: "...Welcome Home to two more of our soldier boys... This time it is a double welcome in both cases, J. Byron Kelley and Harold Wilson each having returned with a pretty English bride."  [ Image Details ]
"Homecoming" in 1918 at Oakville Station following the end of the First World War. The town’s Honour Roll for the First World War shows 63 men from Oakville’s small population of around 2500 did not come home. [ Image Details ]
"Victory Celebration Parade on Colborne Street." Oakville celebrated the return of the First World War soldiers with joy. (Courtesy Oakville Historical Society). [ Image Details ]
Boaters on the Sixteen near Harbour Ticket Office during Victory Celebration. (Courtesy of Oakville Historical Society). [ Image Details ]