Oakville Images

Gary Kress, Chuck Hamilton, Sid Brown, and William Holbrook (left to right). At Stanley Barracks, Toronto, before going overseas with the Lorne Scots 2nd Division of the Royal Canadian Army, 1941. [ Image Details ]
Military training for soldiers at Petawawa, Ontario, before being sent overseas [ Image Details ]
Convoy going to Europe from Canada in Second World War [ Image Details ]
"Invasion money" provided to D-Day soldiers [ Image Details ]
Canadian army document certifying active service on the part of Private William Cook from 25 May 1943 to discharge date of 1 August 1946. [ Image Details ]
Postcard from Holland, 1945, honouring the soldiers who liberated the Dutch. [ Image Details ]
Telegram from Jimmie Gibb to Mrs. E. Gibb. [ Image Details ]
National Civil Defence Safe Driving Award granted to Audrey Johnson by the Banstead Urban District Council, Britain. [ Image Details ]
Certificate of Honour awarded to Paul Edgar Parkin by the citizens of Hamilton, Ontario for service in the Second World War. [ Image Details ]
Royal Canadian Air Force certificate for Ken Chambers [ Image Details ]
Card of Commendation from the Church of England in Canada for Alan G. Reith [ Image Details ]
Canadian Army Discharge Certificate for James Coakley, May 9, 1946 [ Image Details ]
Royal Canadian Air Force document acknowledging the radar station service of Alvin Duncan during the Second World War [ Image Details ]
Cablegram of congratulations from Oakville Mayor JM Campbell to Peter Taylor, 20 August 1945. [ Image Details ]
Letter of thanks to Westwood Soldiers' Circle from W. Philip. The Westwood Soldiers' Circle was formed in Oakville during the Second World War to communicate with and provide candies and cigarettes to Oakville servicemen overseas. [ Image Details ]
Canadian War Services Overseas Christmas card [ Image Details ]
Newspaper article describing the sinking of the H.M.C.S. Trentonian by German U-boat [ Image Details ]
Newspaper article: Safe and Well after Dieppe But Brother Still Missing - George, Roy, and Lockie Forbes with their mother [ Image Details ]
Newspaper article: "Flying Officer Farr Navigator, Is Missing" [ Image Details ]
John MacMorran Anderson, known as Padre Jock, bound for Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944. [ Image Details ]
The Queen's Own Battalion Band [ Image Details ]
Second World War soldiers in Germany with sewing machine found in a tannery in 1945. [ Image Details ]
Brother and sister, James (Jim) and Margaret Hughes [ Image Details ]
The Turnbull Brothers. From left to right: Joe, Bill, and Gordon Turnbull in Italy on the road to Ortona. The brothers fought in the same regiment of the First Canadian Tank Brigade overseas. All survived the war. [ Image Details ]
Flight Lieutenant John Cooper, Pilot (right) standing under a Halifax III Bomber Aircraft. [ Image Details ]
Royal Canadian Air Force insignia from the Second World War. [ Image Details ]
A Spitfire on the way to Benghazi, Libya. [ Image Details ]
Don Bastead (back row, far right) in early 1945 with the crew of the 432 Leaside Squadron, East Moore, Yorkshire, standing beside a Halifax aircraft. [ Image Details ]
Junkers 88 damaged by bombs at Benina, Libya. [ Image Details ]
Gunnery Leader, newspaper from #10 Bombing and Gunnery School in Mount Pleasant, Prince Edward Island [ Image Details ]
Flying Boat Airport, near Gander, Newfoundland [ Image Details ]
Handel Johnson (third from right, first row) on Royal Air Force training in Alabama with "Boeing P.T. Stearman." [ Image Details ]
The officers' mess in Pegu, Burma, in 1944. [ Image Details ]
Depth charge fired from H.M.C.S. Kamloops [ Image Details ]
HMS Weston, Royal Navy sloop, Falmouth class, Second World War [ Image Details ]
On watch aboard the HMS Weston [ Image Details ]
Diagram of a corvette [ Image Details ]
Corvette H.M.C.S. Arrowhead [ Image Details ]
Fairmile in rough seas. [ Image Details ]
William (Bill) Cook at Bordon, England [ Image Details ]
# 1 Equipment Depot, Toronto. [ Image Details ]
Seventh Victory Bond drive appeal, Second World War [ Image Details ]
Alvin and Irene Bumby on their wedding day in England, March 16, 1943. Irene came to Canada as a war bride. [ Image Details ]
Oakville High School Honour Roll 1939-1945 [ Image Details ]