Management Team

Meet Your Library Management Team

We pride ourselves in offering the best services possible for our community. Our management team is made up of talented and passionate individuals! Their education, beliefs and interests bring the creativity, skills and passion that fuel everything we do. If you need us, our management team and administrative offices can be found at:

120 Navy St.
Oakville, L6J 2Z4

Phone: (905) 815-2042
Fax: (905) 815-2024

Lynn Horlor

Lynn has 28 years of municipal experience and will work with the dedicated library staff to maintain the excellent level of services during this transition period.

Phone: (905) 815-2031

Simona Dinu

Director, Customer Experience
Simona plans and manages public service functions and policies for our library system. Does our library service meet your needs? We welcome your opinions; our library is built on the needs of the community.

Phone: 905-815-2042, extension 2035

Tara Wong

Director, Innovation & Integration
Tara is responsible for the development of all collections, print and digital, as well as ensuring that OPL offers its community the most up-to-date web and electronic services and technologies to best suit its needs. Tara also supports the growth of our Community Information Service and Bibliographic Services.

Phone: (905) 815-2027

Florence De Dominicis

Director, Community Engagement
Florence oversees the marketing, communications and development functions for the library, in addition to managing the development of library programs and community partnership. Our creative staff are always coming up with new ways to serve the community, and that spurs the marketing and development team on to find new ways to let everyone know about them!

Phone: (905) 815-2042, extension 2014

Tricia Agnew

Manager, Human Resources
Trisha oversees employee selection and recruitment, staff development and training, and ensures HR best practices are followed.

Phone: (905) 815-5987

Justine Gerroir

Manager, Program Development
Justine manages the development of library programs and community partnerships.

Phone: (905) 815-2042, extension 5189

Susan Kun

Branch Manager, Customer Experience
Susan manages both the White Oaks and Woodside Branches

Phone: (905) 815-2038, extension 5141

Lisa Marie Williams

Manager, Collections
This position manages the development of collections in all formats for adults, teens and children.

Phone: (905) 815-2042, extension 2029

Lila Saab

Branch Manager, Customer Experience
Lila manages the Glen Abbey Branch, including the partnership with the Glen Abbey Community Centre.

Phone: (905) 815-2039, extension 3596

Andra Steele

Branch Manager , Customer Experience, Central Oakville
Andra manages the Central Branch. As Youth Advocate, Andra works to ensure the library is welcoming to children and teens.

Phone: (905) 815-2042, extension 5063

Cathy Burke

Branch Manager, Customer Experience
Cathy manages Iroquois Ridge Branch including partnerships with the Iroquois Ridge Community Centre.

Phone: (905) 338-4247, extension 5906

Marcus Logan

Manager, Community Information
Marcus manages Information Oakville, which operates the Halton Community Services Database, the Oakville community events calendar, the library’s community brochure/ notice areas. Information Oakville acts as lead agency for the Halton Information Providers, a partnership with Burlington Public Library, Milton Public Library and Halton Hills Public Library providing accurate and easily access information on arts, recreation, health, social and government services in Oakville and Halton Region.

Phone: (905) 815-2042, extension 5091

Virginia Kuypers

Development Officer
Virginia manages the library fundraising and development program, and is member of the Community Engagement department.

Phone: (905) 815-2028