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Purpose and Scope

This policy defines the manner in which Oakville Public Library Board members will fulfill their duties and carry on business with each other, with library staff and with the library's partners.


Oakville Public Library Board Members are expected to act in an ethical and businesslike manner. This commitment includes the proper use of authority, appropriate decorum in group and individual behavior and respect for others and their contributions to the Oakville Public Library.

In keeping with the Town of Oakville's RZone policy, board members will promote a positive, safe and supportive environment for all members of the public using the Library and Library staff. Violence, vandalism and inappropriate behavior are not acceptable. All of the workplace violence and anti-harassment policies of the Oakville Public Library apply to board members.

Members are not to accept or provide any gift or benefit where it may be, or perceived to be, in exchange for favour or influence.


  • Small Christmas gifts (cards or edibles, such as chocolates or cookies)
  • Advertising material (calendars, scratch pads, disposable pens, t-shirts)
  • Any gift that is a common expression of courtesy or within the normal standards of hospitality
  • Any hospitality or gift that has a monetary value under $100

Board members may not participate in any Oakville Public Library contest open to members of the public. Even in the case where a board member may be considered to be participating as a customer (i.e. attending an adult program with a door prize), they are still not eligible to participate in the contest component of the program.

Immediate family members of board members and may only participate in OPL contests where the winners are chosen randomly.

Any direction to staff requiring an extraordinary use of time or resources to complete shall be approved by a majority vote of the OPL Board or one of its Committees. Staff is responsible for identifying such directions.

All such requests shall contain a description of information to be included in the report, objectives, and due dates so that these items may be reflected in the minutes of the OPL Board and/or Committees.

The OPL Board and/or Board Committee Chair will ensure that all staff queries and concerns about the extraordinary direction are answered before the work is undertaken.

Final Approval Date: June 27, 2013
Motion #: 13.06.48 Next Review Date: 2017
Supersedes Policy Dated: New
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