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Confidentiality of Customer Records Policy


Confidentiality of Customer Records

Customer borrowing and online use records are confidential.

Access is limited to:

  • library employees and authorized volunteers for library purposes, which may include service delivery, planning, fundraising, diagnosing of computer access problems and verifying compliance with the Internet Access and Acceptable Use policy.
  • the individual to whom the information relates, or if the individual is less than sixteen years of age, to the person who has lawful custody of the individual

The individual will be requested to provide proof of identity before any information is released.

The library retains current transaction records only until items are returned or monies owing are collected, or unless authorized to do so by the customer on his/her behalf

Customer borrowing and online use records shall not be made available to any other person except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be authorized by law.


If customers do not return items on time, or owe the library money, the Oakville Public Library reserves the right to provide such information to other libraries, a collection agency or to take legal action if warranted.

Effective Date: April 3, 2014
Motion #: 14.04.31
Next Review Date: 2018
Supersedes Policy Dated: April 22, 2010; Feb. 24/05; May 23, 2002; October 30, 1981
Motion #: 10.04.40, 05.02.26, 02.05.68, 81.69
Filed in: Board Manual, Public Service Manual (Sect. 5.5), Added to Website