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Employee Participation In Election Campaigns

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to maintain the neutrality of the public service. Employees must ensure that any involvement in a municipal election campaign does not adversely affect their ability to perform their duties as employees of the Oakville Public Library. Restrictions address the need for employees to be and to appear impartial.


Employees are entitled to exercise their right to support or be involved in the political campaign of a municipal, provincial or federal candidate or party, provided they do so on personal time and do not hold themselves out as representative of the Oakville Public Library. Employees must appear to be politically neutral in their official duties in order to sustain public trust in local government.

Employees are permitted to participate in electioneering, canvassing or actively work in support of a political candidate or party provided they do so outside of normal working hours, or during an authorized leave of absence without pay for this purpose, by using lieu time, adjusted work week time, or vacation time. Such activity must be as a citizen and not as, or appear to be as a representative of the Oakville Public Library. Examples of campaigning include telephone and e-mail solicitation, distribution of brochures, the display of campaign signs and the wearing of candidate buttons.

To maintain a positive public opinion of the Library, employees are expected to avoid expressing their personal views on matters of political controversy or on Town, Library or administration if the comment is likely to impair public confidence in the Library or Town.

When an employee wishes to run for office of Council or a Local Board, Provincial or Federal office, he or she must first seek a leave of absence for the period between nomination day and voting day, in accordance with provisions of the relevant legislation.

Pursuant to Section 30 (4) of the Municipal Elections Act, if an employee is elected, he or she will be deemed to have resigned from his or her positions with the Library immediately before making the declaration of office.

If employees are unsure about the appropriateness of their participation in election activities, they should consult with the Manager, Human Resources.

Effective Date: April, 2014 Motion #: 14.05.41
Next Review Date: 2018
Supersedes Policy Dated: May 27, 2010, June 22, 2006, October 23, 2003 Motion #: 10.05.48, 06.06.89, 03.10.115
Filed in: Board Manual, Human Resources Manual (Sect. 9.10), Added to Website