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Job Security and Organizational Change


In the event that it becomes necessary to displace a regular employee for reasons of economic restraint, or organizational change, every effort will be made to transfer the employee into a vacant position of comparable responsibility for which he/she is qualified. Should more than one employee be displaced, and only one vacancy exist at the time, qualifications for the vacant position, and past performance of the employee, will be factors used in determining the successful candidate.

Should no vacancy of comparable value exist and should none become available within a displaced employee's notice period, his/her name will be placed on reserve list for a six-month period, to be considered for suitable vacancies for which he/she is qualified, that arise during that period. Past performance will also be a determining factor in this process. The six month period will be an unpaid leave of absence from work.

A transfer to a vacant position for which an employee is not qualified will be considered if it is reasonable that he/she could become qualified through training within a six-month period. On-the-job training and management approved training programs will be provided to assist the employee with the transition. If it is evident at the five month period that the employee is unlikely to become qualified for the position, every effort will be made to relocate the employee to another position, if a vacancy exists.

A transferred employee will be expected to meet performance requirements (to be determined through a formal review process), within a six-month trial period from the date of transfer. Performance evaluations will take place at three and five month intervals, with thorough feedback on performance and expectations to the employee.

If an employee is transferred to a position at a lower grade level than their current grade level they will be red circled at their current wage rate/salary until their wage rate/salary falls within the new position�s pay range.

Employees will be apprised of imminent transfer or layoff at the earliest date practicable. All options will be discussed and employees will be given the opportunity to suggest alternatives. Notice periods will vary in accordance with legislative requirements.

Temporary and Casual Employees

All temporary and casual employees are subject to discontinuation of hours of employment at any time, in accordance with the requirements of the Employment Standards Act.

Effective Date: October 24, 2013 Motion #: 13.10.94
Next Review Date: 2017
Supersedes Policy Dated: October 25, 2007, September 23, 2004
Motion #: 07.10.95, 04.09.235
Filed in: Board Manual, Human Resources Manual (Sect. 3.11)