Media Relations Policy

The Oakville Public Library (OPL) is committed to keeping its community informed and it is important that messages to the media be clear, consistent and accurate.

The Library's Community Engagement department is the central contact point for all requests for information from the media. All such information requests received by employees, members of the Board or volunteers shall be forwarded to, and fielded by, the Director, Community Engagement, or in his/her absence, the Chief Executive Officer.

The following designated spokespersons are permitted to speak on behalf of the Oakville Public Library:

Chair of the Board
Chief Executive Officer
Director, Community Engagement

No one else is authorized to speak or write to the media on behalf of the Oakville Public Library without prior written authorization from the CEO or his/her designate.

The Director, Community Engagement, will confer with the Chief Executive Officer or in his/her absence, the Executive Director in-charge to determine the appropriate course of action. The Chair of the Board will be consulted when required.

From time to time the CEO, Chair of the Board, and/or Director, Community Engagement, may authorize a staff member or Board member to speak to the media on a specific issue relating to his/her area of expertise. These appointments shall be of a limited, designated time period.

If at any time OPL staff members, Board members or volunteers identify themselves to the media or through a social media platform as such, or are identified by a media outlet as such, it must be indicated that the views expressed are personal views, not necessarily those of the Oakville Public Library.

The Chair of the Board shall be notified immediately when responses are made to the media on behalf of the Oakville Public Library. All Board members shall be notified within 24 hours after a statement has been made to the media.

Effective Date: February 6, 2014
Motion #: 14.02.08 Next Review Date: 2017
Supersedes Policy Dated: September 25, 2008, June 23/05, May 23, 2002 June 29, 1988 Motion #: 08.09.83, 05.06.76, 02.05.69, 88.53
Manuals this policy is included in: Board Manual, Public Service Manual (Sect. 5.31), Added to Website