In accordance with the Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P44, s. 3(3), the Oakville Public Library is under the management and control of the board. The board has the sole authority and responsibility for establishing policy. This policy directs the board to develop and monitor policies. Policies set the framework for the governance and operations of the library and provide direction to board and staff. The policies are the tool for achieving the library's purpose and advancing the mission. Board members and staff are responsible for knowing, understanding and complying with the policies of the Oakville Public Library.

Section 1: Types of Policies

  1. The board develops and maintains policies in four areas:

    1. Foundation policies which record the board's decisions on vision, mission, and values
    2. Board bylaws which establish the organizational structure of the board and how it does business
    3. Governance policies which define the responsibilities and regulate the work of the board
    4. Operational policies which regulate the services and day-to-day operations of the library

Section 2: Responsibilities

  1. The board will:

    1. establish an annual schedule to review existing policies and will integrate this schedule into the board agendas
    2. review all policies over the course of each term
    3. ensure that policies comply with the Public Libraries Act, and any other applicable provincial and federal legislation

Section 3: Policy Approval

  1. The board will:

    1. receive all policy changes, in draft, seven days prior to the next scheduled board meeting
    2. introduce a new policy or policy change through a motion at a duly constituted board meeting
    3. approve all policies at a duly constituted board meeting

Section 4: Policy Distribution

  1. All policies should be documented in a standard format; numbered according to policy type and include the date of approval and the date of the next review.
  2. The board will:

    1. include approved policies in the Oakville Public Library Policy Manual
    2. ensure that all board members and staff have access to the policy manual
    3. post policies on the library's website

Section 5: Considerations

  1. The development of a new policy or the revision of an existing policy can come from several sources:

    1. the Chief Executive Officer
    2. a member of the board
    3. the council
    4. provincial government
    5. a member of the public

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