Room Rental Policy


Meeting rooms in the library bring together the resources of the library and the activities of the community for educational, cultural, civic, recreational and charitable purposes. When not required for library use, the Oakville Public Library offers select meeting rooms that can be rented for use by individuals, groups or organizations. The Library provides these rooms on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of the individuals or groups requesting their use.

The Library reserves the right to refuse bookings. Any Client refused a booking by the Library may apply to the Library's CEO for a review of the decision.

At the discretion of the CEO, rental charges may be waived when the activity or activities of the Client are in partnership with the Library. The Library may offer discounted rental rates to non-profit organizations.

All room rental bookings and use of any Library meeting rooms are subject to meeting the requirements laid out in the Library's standard room rental contract. The following rules and regulations apply:

  1. The Library is not responsible for, and will not be liable to the Client, for any damages whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with Client's use, or inability to use, the Room even if the Library had been advised of the possibility of such damage.
  2. The Client certifies that the person signing the contract is the authorized representative of the Client and has the full authority to sign the contract and to commit the Client in respect of any other matter regarding the booking contract, the use of the Room and the supplied equipment. The Client or the Client's authorized representative must provide valid photographic identification at the time of booking the Room.
  3. The Library grants to the Client the non-assignable right to use the Room and any supplied equipment solely for the purposes of, and on the dates and times stated on, the contract. Topics of discussion and the names of speakers with their affiliation must be disclosed at the time of booking. The time period for use of the Room must include the time required to prepare the Room for use and to clean up the Room after use.
  4. The Client agrees that all cancellation requests must be submitted in writing and must be confirmed by Library staff. In the event of cancellation, the Client will only be refunded three (3) days prior to the room booking but an administration fee will be charged as follows:
    • if the Client gives three to seven days of notice, the client will be required to pay a $35 administration fee;
    • if the Client gives at least eight days of notice, the Client will be required to pay a $15 administration fee;

    The above cancellation charge is determined based on the date the library receives notice. Late bookings are also subject to the cancellation procedure.

  5. The Client agrees that all room rental requirements, including payment, must be met by the OPL deadline provided in the Contract. The contract must be finalized within seven (7) business days from the date that the contract is forwarded to the Client. If there are fewer than seven (7) business days from the date of the event, the contract must be settled immediately.
  6. The rental fee applies to the times listed on the contract and includes the use of the inventory of chairs and tables owned by the Library for the purpose of such events. All additional requirements are the Client's responsibility.
  7. The Client is responsible for the set-up of the Room. The Client will be required to leave the Room in the same condition it was in prior to use. It is understood by the Client that returning objects and furniture to their original place, removing garbage, cleaning spills or soiled surfaces and ensuring there are no fire hazards are part of returning the Room to its original state.
  8. The Client shall not cause or permit the Room, any supplied equipment or any Library property to be defaced, injured or damaged in any way. The Client shall be responsible for any and all damage caused by its use of the Room, any Library property or supplied equipment and shall return the Room and supplied equipment to the Library in the same condition as when their use began. The Client shall pay to the Library, on receipt of an invoice, the reasonable cost of any and all repairs required to be made to the Room, Library property or supplied equipment as a result of their use by the Client or any of its employees, service contractors, invitees, attendees or guests.
  9. In using the Room and the supplied equipment, the Client will comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws, by-laws, policies and regulations including the Library's Rzone Respect and Responsibility procedure, Room Booking form and the contract. The Client will ensure that all those in attendance for the event occurring in the Room during the period of the Client's use will comply with such laws, by-laws, policies, regulations and rules.
  10. Any property of any kind brought in the Room by the Client, its employees, service contractors, invitees, attendees and guests, is at the sole risk of the Client and shall be promptly removed from the Room after use of the Room. If the Client fails to vacate the Room at the end of the period of use, the Library may remove property of any kind and dispose of it at the Client's expense. The Library shall not be liable for damages or loss as a result of any removal or disposal of any property in accordance with this section.
  11. The Client assumes full responsibility for the acts and conduct of all persons admitted in the Room during the Client's use. The Library retains the right to interrupt or terminate the use of the Room or to eject any person if designated Library staff members, in their sole discretion, consider it to be necessary in the interests of public order or safety. The Client waives any damages or compensation of any kind should its use of the Room be so interrupted or terminated.
  12. The Client agrees that:
    1. Library staff may have access to the Room at all times and may attend any event being conducted by the Client in the Room for the purpose of auditing or reviewing compliance with this contract;
    2. preparation and distribution of all publicity or marketing materials respecting any event to be held in the Room are the sole responsibility of the Client. Unless approved in advance by the Library's CEO in writing, the use of the Library logo or any mark identified as Library-related on such materials is not permitted. Any advertisement, publicity or media of any kind must not imply endorsement by the Library of content of the program or event in any way.
  13. The Client is responsible for any costs associated with its use of the Room or the supplied equipment which are not specifically identified in the contract, excluding the supply of any utilities in the Room.
  14. The Client will breach this contract if it fails to meet any of the terms and conditions of the contract, or if it poses a risk to the health and safety of the public or Library staff. If the Client breaches this contract, the Library may, in its sole discretion, terminate the use or intended use of the Room without refunding any of the payment and shall be under no obligation to allow the Client to use the Room or any Library facilities or property in the future.
  15. In addition to the Library's right to terminate the Client's use of the Room identified elsewhere in this contract, the Library, in its sole discretion, may terminate the Client's right to use the Room if:
    1. it becomes aware of a use that is contrary to law;
    2. the Client has misrepresented anything for the purposes of the contract;
    3. there is a likelihood of harm to event participants or audiences or a misuse of the Room or equipment;
    4. it becomes aware that the Room is intended to be a permanent location for the Client's activities;
    5. the Client has previously misused the Room or other Library facilities or materials or has failed to pay any fees of any sort owing to the Library;
    6. the primary purpose of the event is gaming/games of chance.
  16. If the Library cannot provide the Room for the Client's use due to matters beyond the Library's reasonable control including, but not limited to, damage to the Room or labour disruption, then this contract shall be terminated and the Client shall be entitled to a refund of the fees it has paid to the Library. The Client waives any claims for damages or compensation on account of such termination other than the refund of fees.
  17. The Client acknowledges that all rental fees are subject to HST, where applicable, or any future taxes that may be imposed on such fees.
  18. A signed contract and 100% of the total rental fee is required to confirm a booking. The Library accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, debit and cheque made payable to Oakville Public Library.
  19. Drinking alcohol or opening containers containing alcohol is not permitted and the Client will not allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed in the Room or on any Library property.
  20. Sales of any goods and/or services by commercial organizations are subject to approval by the library at time of booking.
  21. The Client acknowledges the following rules in respect to the use of the Room:
    1. Smoking is not permitted in the Room or any areas of the Oakville Public Library facilities.
    2. All decorations must be free-standing and nothing may be attached to any walls, doors or ceiling unless otherwise approved by the Library.
    3. Open flames, fires, and fireworks or anything that may cause damage to Library property are not permitted in the Room.
    4. The Client is permitted to bring light refreshments.
    5. The Library reserves the right to limit the use of plant material in the Room and any use of plant material must be approved by the Library in advance of use;
    6. Storage for event-related material prior to or following the event is not permitted unless otherwise approved by the Library in advance; and
    7. All event-related deliveries must be scheduled and approved in advance by the Library a minimum of three (3) days prior to the event and failure to comply may result in denial of delivery. The Client and its agents are responsible for providing all carts, dollies and other similar equipment needed to move deliveries into the Room.
  22. Insurance is required to rent rooms at all library locations. Room rentals will require general liability insurance in the amount of $2 million per occurrence, naming the Town of Oakville and the Oakville Public Library as additional insured.
    Only meetings that meet the following criteria do not require insurance:
    • maximum 30 people in attendance
    • maximum 4 hours in length
    • not open to the public
- any Oakville Public Library select meeting room at any of the Library's branches that has been booked and paid for by the Client and is specified in the contract.
- the organization or the individual that has paid and entered into a contract to book one of the Oakville Public Library's select rooms.

Effective Date: February 6, 2014
Motion #: 14.02.09 October 23, 2008 Next Review Date: 2017
Supersedes Policy Dated: October 23, 2008, March 24, 2005, March 25, 2004 February 25, 1999
Motion #: 08.10.93, 05.03.38, 04.03.168 99.11, 99.12
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