Annual Report to the Community 2009

Reaching out, offering you more.

Message from the Chair

Cathy Burke, Business Specialist, Lori Sims, CEO, and Board Chair, Anna Larson.

When I moved to Oakville nearly 20 years ago, the library was a welcoming place for me and for my family. Then as now, we borrowed books. And while books continue to be amongst the library's most popular items, today's libraries are about much more. Things like internet access, ebooks, DVDs, and special events such as Evening for Book Lovers and Battle of the Books, have changed the landscape of libraries, creating community spaces that are even more vital than before.

I truly believe that a strong library is the foundation of a strong community. This was never clearer than in 2009. Through the recession last year, library circulation increased by 7.7%.

Not only were our libraries busy, they continued to deliver excellent services: residents gave us the top ranking in the Town of Oakville's 2009 Citizens Survey, with a 91% satisfaction rating.

I'm proud of the work we’ve done as a Board in 2009. Working with staff and the Town we addressed budget constraints and refreshed the strategic plan, ensuring the library is wellpositioned for the future.

I'm especially proud of the accomplishments of library staff, guided by the library's dedicated CEO, Lori Sims. I invite you to read about the library's many successes and service improvements in the body of this report.

A big thank-you to Oakville Town Council for your ongoing support. And another big thank-you to the Friends of the Library for your tireless volunteer fundraising efforts through the annual book sales.

And finally, on behalf of the Board, let me say how grateful we are for the commitment to the library on the part of Oakville residents. We are lucky to have such a well-supported library service in Oakville, and we will count on your continued support as we face the challenges—and the opportunities— that await us in 2010.

Anna Larson
Chair, Oakville Public Library