A Day in the Life of Oakville 2018

Our photo project returns a fourth time with fall/winter with Oakville as our subject. Grab your camera or device and take photos of the town on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Open to all ages!

Update 4 Dec 2018
: As the upload link continues to be unavailable, please see the instructions below to submit your photographs taken in Oakville on Dec. 1, 2018: We will continue to accept submissions until the end of day on Wed., Dec. 12. Thank you for your patience!

Lighthouse on pier at the shore of Lake Ontario at sunset
To submit, please email each individual photo to elise.cole@oakville.ca and include:

1. Your photo as an attachment with the title of the image as the subject line. Feel free to provide a further description if you like, perhaps of why you took the photo, what area you were in, the meaning of the image.
2. Your name and your email address. We will publish your name unless you indicate that you would prefer not to have it made available publicly. Your email address will never be shared.

Want to include your family or friends in your pics? Please be sure to download and fill out our Photo Consent form and drop off at your local branch to the attention of the Local Collections Librarian.

Terms of Use:
1. Your image(s) will be under your copyright.
2. By submitting your photograph, you acknowledge that you are granting Oakville Public Library permission to store and make available, in perpetuity, your photograph as a permanent record of events and people in Oakville’s history.
3. You further agree that by submitting your photograph, you hereby grant the Oakville Public Library permission to use it in print materials (for internal or external distribution), online and social media platforms, in-branch displays or televised/radio broadcasted media as deemed appropriate by Library officials for the purpose of publicizing and promoting the library.