OPL creates connection in the community

Oakville Public Library (OPL) is a vital resource for generations of residents of all ages and abilities.

We are so much more than just a library – we empower community connection, cultivate discovery and bring people and ideas together for the betterment of Oakville.

Why do we need to raise funds?

As a registered charity, we rely on your support to expand what we can offer. Donations allow us to enhance our collections, services and programs, above and beyond what our operating budget has room for.

What is the library doing with the raised funds?

We are pushing boundaries
Oakville is a community of innovation.

At OPL, we are always trying new things and testing new ideas. We have recently added to our collection several non-traditional items, such as our Two-Hour Tinker Toys – tech-based toys that help young minds develop and nurture an interest in math and science.

Through this pilot project, we were able to push the limits of imagination, spark creativity and foster innovation in Oakville’s younger generation.

We’d like to better support curious young brains by expanding our collection of these materials to other branches, and funds collected at this time will help us further establish ourselves as an innovative cultural hub where kids come to learn, play and grow.

We are reducing barriers

We place particular importance on providing spaces, opportunities and resources for our community’s most vulnerable.

OPL fills gaps for those in need, helping to make information accessible to everyone, and we are working to address the disparity between those who have technology access and those who do not. In addition, OPL provides valuable library materials to children and adults with special needs, such as sensory toys for children with autism.

We need your help to continue to offer these opportunities to the individuals in our community who need them the most.

We are making history accessible

OPL cherishes and respects Oakville’s collective community memory and heritage.

Through donor support, we have recently digitized thousands of pages from past Oakville Beaver issues. With more funds, we’d like to expand our ability to provide valuable genealogy and heritage information to the community, through subscription-based resources that can help you discover more about your past.

How you can help

On behalf of the users of our cherished Library, we ask you to donate now to help us expand and enhance the services, collections and resources we provide. When you think about your charitable giving this year, please consider the Oakville Public Library.

Thank you for your continued support for the betterment of Oakville.


I would like my donation used for:

Pushing boundaries

Reducing barriers

Making history accessible

Area of highest need


For more information, contact: Virginia Kuypers our Development Officer at or at 905-815-2028.