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Frequently Asked Questions about Donations

Why does the Library raise funds?

To best meet the needs of our rapidly growing community, the Oakville Public Library needs to secure financial support beyond what the Town of Oakville’s taxes can fund.

Why would I make a donation when my taxes fund the Library?

Tax support provides the Library’s core funding for operations, administration, infrastructure and maintenance. However, with Oakville’s continuing growth, there are ever-increasing community demands on tax-based funding.  As a result, taxes cannot meet all of the Library’s financial needs.

It is through donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, trust funds and civic organizations that the Library obtains funds which enable it to provide the most up-do-date resources for lifelong learning that best meet the needs of our diverse and evolving community.

What do donations support?

Donations fund those special programs that core funding does not cover. For example, our annual Summer Reading program depends on fundraised dollars. Donations enable us to hire summer students to engage children and help them reach their reading goals. Donations also allow for incentive prizes that motivate and reward participants to read over the summer. (Please see our Plans and Reports.)

Donors have the option of designating their gifts to a variety of areas — such as, the new Iroquois Ridge Creation Zone, Collections and Programs for children, teens, adults and seniors, the Endowment Fund, or the Area of Greatest Need.

Who do the Library’s programs help?

The Library provides various programs for children, teens, adults and seniors. Through various initiatives, we continue to promote the importance of reading to children and teens, we encourage parents and caregivers to create literacy-rich environments at home; and we also support seniors who want to learn more about the use of technology.  We also fund projects that preserve our history and heritage, such as the Oakville Images web page,

Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

The Oakville Public Library is a registered not-for-profit, charitable organization and therefore, we issue receipts for income tax purposes. Donors who give $25 or more will automatically receive receipts. Donors who give less than $25 can receive receipts upon request.

What are the other benefits for making a donation to the Library?

Donors will be recognized in our annual Report to the Community and on our website, unless anonymity is requested.  Donors are also rewarded by the knowledge that they have helped to enhance the Library’s collections, programs and services through their donations.

How do I become a Friend of the Library?

Information is available here.

Can I donate used books?

We welcome donations of used materials, provided that they are in good condition. Please see Book Donations for our guidelines.