Glen Abbey Branch Renovation

Glen Abbey Branch Renovation

To keep pace with the community’s needs and maintain a modern and accessible library space, Glen Abbey Branch is currently under renovation – scheduled to reopen in early 2020.

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Pictured above: a digital rendering of the future Creation Zone inside the Glen Abbey Branch

The Creation Zone will be a true ‘maker space’, where customers can express their creativity!

The space will feature new (and older) technology, include sewing machines, 3D printers, iMacs, design software and a button maker – all for community use.

Pictured above: a digital rendering of the future open workspace inside the Glen Abbey Branch

Progress update:

  • The Glen Abbey Branch renovation continues to progress. The branch is scheduled to re-open to the public in early 2020.
  • Recent developments include:
    • Finalizing interior design elements, including wall colour and furnishings
    • Testing the Creation Zone technology, which includes a laser cutter, sewing machine, a button maker, iMacs, a vinyl cutter and more!
    • Continuing installation of electrical elements and lighting

Next steps:

  • Library staff continue to meet regularly with project managers and contractors to discuss the construction schedule and progress.
  • Library staff are preparing to occupy the space in the upcoming months. Preparation includes:
      • Ordering and cataloging a refreshed collection of materials
      • Planning a grand opening celebration

 Renovation progress photos:


Pictured above: Progress photo of the children’s area

Pardon the mess — we’re in the middle of painting! The children’s area will have lots of natural light from big, bright windows and will feature updated furniture, fun wall colours, new flooring and play elements.

Pictured above: Progress photo for individual workstation

Rooms are starting to take their final shape! In this space, customers will have access to individual workstations.

Key facts:

  • Glen Abbey is OPL’s busiest branch with more than 350,000 annual visitors.
  • The demand for local library services is only growing stronger. As the Glen Abbey neighbourhood expands and changes, the library must evolve with it.
  • Before renovations started, library staff led a community consultation campaign, giving residents a chance to share feedback on what they would like to see in their new branch.
  • This is the first time the branch has closed for renovations in almost 14 years.

The renovation plan:

We’re completely reimagining the space. We are reconfiguring the branch to better serve library customers, with a focus on accessible and useful areas everyone can enjoy.

Features include:

  • A ‘Creation Zone’ – new to the Glen Abbey branch, this will be a versatile space filled with creation devices and technology including 3D printers, sewing machines, iMac workstations, design software and a button maker
  • More quiet study and meeting rooms
  • A new area for community programs
  • Loanable laptops
  • Comfortable furniture for reading or lounging
  • An updated collection of materials to borrow and enjoy
  • Updated washrooms and a new family washroom

Where can customers go for library services in the meantime?