Interlibrary Loans – How To

Getting Started

Library users with a valid Oakville Public Library card may register for this service. To register, simply complete the online form on Oakville Public Library’s web page. Please note that if you get a new library card, you must re-register for a new Interlibrary Loan account. Please ascertain that Oakville Public Library does not already own the item you are looking for, before requesting it through interlibrary loans. Please do so by checking the library’s online catalog using the search box.

To request the item as an interlibrary loan item, please follow these steps:


  • Click on English or French
  • Select “Sign In” and enter your user ID (type in all 14 digits of your library card barcode)
  • Enter your password (assigned to you by Interlibrary Loan Department when you register).
  • Choose “Oakville Public Library” as your library location from the Authentication Service drop down menu.
  • Click Login.


  • Select “Standard” or “Advanced” Search.
  • Specify your search details on this page. Library profiles have been set up to enable you search for your item.
  • Select “SOLS Niagara Peninsula” as your initial search under the “Current Profile” drop down menu.
  • Enter keywords from the title, and/or author.
  • Select Oakville Public Library link at the top of the “Search Results” screen to have Oakville display first in the results. This will confirm that the item you want is not held by our library before proceeding with the request to another library.
  • Select “Details” to verify if the item is the one you want. Please choose a record with an ISBN number. Requests without ISBNs take longer to fill.
  • Select “Get it!” to place the request. Item details are automatically entered in the Interlibrary Loan form.
  • Complete the form by selecting your preferred Pickup Location from the drop down menu at the bottom of the form.
  • Click Request to send your request.
  1. You can view the status of your requests at any time using the “My Requests” link.
  2. Sign out when you are finished.

No Matches From The First Profile?

If you are unable to find any results searching the “SOLS Niagara Peninsula” profile, select a different profile from the drop down menu. Keep searching through all the profiles if necessary.

No Hits From Any Profiles?

  • Select the “Create Request” option on the left hand menu bar.
  • Fill in as much information as you have available.
  • Click on “Request“.

Weekly limits and maximum limit for pending interlibrary loan requests

Five items can be requested per borrower each calendar week (Sunday to following Saturday), with a maximum limit of 15 pending ILLO requests associated with a client’s library account at any given time.

Information regarding the status of your Interlibrary Loans Request

  • For self-registered ILLO users: Please check your ILLO account for messages related to the status of your requests. In the absence of an email address, we use your account to inform you about your interlibrary loan requests. These include messages seeking additional information required to facilitate your request or if we need to seek your approval for service charges, associated with the loan request. We also notify you of cancelled ILLO requests.
  • For ILLO users who are not self-registered: Please ask branch staff for information related to the status of your ILLO requests.

Suspending Interlibrary Loan requests

The VDX system does not allow the option of suspending pending requests. Therefore, once a request has been placed in VDX, we are unable to suspend the process of this request or, define when it will be filled.

Please manage your Interlibrary Loan requests to ensure that you are available to pick up material that arrives through this service. If you are planning to be away, you can cancel pending interlibrary loan requests and place a new request upon your return. Please note that the average time for an ILLO request to be filled varies between 2-4 weeks.

Terminating a request

To terminate an interlibrary loan request please phone the circulation department at your Home Branch providing them with details of the Interlibrary Loan Number and title along with your name and library card number. You may also do so using the “My Requests” link, in your online account.


We will notify you when the item has arrived. You will receive an email notification (if you have provided us with this information) or a phone call.