Iroquois Ridge Renovation Information

Oakville Public Library’s renovated Iroquois Ridge Branch and new Creation Zone opened to the public on July 4, 2017.

Why was the Iroquois Ridge Branch renovated?

  • In September 2016, the Oakville Public Library (OPL) Board approved a plan for the renovation of the Iroquois Ridge Branch
  • Iroquois Ridge was renovated as part of the Strategic Direction identified in the library’s Strategic Plan: Transform our virtual and physical spaces to encourage creativity, collaboration, and discovery
  • Renovations allowed for the reconfiguration of space, an enlarged quiet study room, upgraded public access computers, group work and meeting spaces, and the introduction of a Creation Zone

What is a Creation Zone and what does Iroquois Ridge’s look like?

  • Creation Zones serve as gathering points where individuals can connect to work on meaningful projects, using both new technologies and traditional tools
  • OPL is committed to providing these opportunities to its customers and offers assistance from experienced and qualified staff members for individuals wanting to utilize the space
  • The Iroquois Ridge Branch’s Creation Zone is a versatile space that inspires collaboration and learning, as well as recreation and reflection
  • Technology offerings include:
    • State of the art programming & design software (3D modeling and design, web/game development, podcasting, etc.)
    • Cutting edge videography and photography tools (digital camcorders, green screen, editing software, microphones, etc.)
    • Space for hands-on learning and coding activities with an emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math)

Why was a Creation Zone needed?

  • Oakville Public Library is committed to its role as a supporter of 21st century literacy skills and providing access to new and innovative technologies
  • As technology increasingly becomes an integral part of everyone’s life, our branches will continue to evolve as community hubs
  • Iroquois Ridge’s Creation Zone provides residents with the tools and space needed to explore and share ideas, create, innovate, and connect
  • Through creative and hands-on learning experiences, offerings at IR’s Creation Zone foster community, connectedness, and encourage residents to experiment, play, and discover

What happened to the collection? Are there still books at Iroquois Ridge Branch?

  • Oakville Public Library strives to achieve a content mix that meets the needs of all residents
  • OPL staff worked diligently to sort through and organize the branch’s original collection, carefully selecting titles and materials suited for the branch’s new atmosphere and purpose
  • Although the branch’s collection was slightly reduced, we made sure to incorporate and keep resources that would assist individuals utilizing the space
  • Many of the items which were extracted from the core collection were reallocated to other branches or donated to the Friends of the Library
  • As a reminder, books, DVDs, and other items within the Oakville Public Library system can be placed on hold and picked up at Iroquois Ridge Branch

Upcoming Creation Zone Activities

For more information on the new Iroquois Ridge Branch and Creation Zone, click here.