Kanopy FAQs

What is Kanopy?
Kanopy is a digital media service that provides access to streaming film content to library customers. Film content is primarily international and independent films as well as educational and documentary films. Several films seen at film festivals (including the Toronto International Film Festival) are also offered through this service.


How long may I borrow a film?
The lending period for all films is 3 days (72 hours).


Are there hold lists?
There are no holds lists – all material is instantly available with no waiting required.


Is there a limit?
OPL customers get 10 plays (or borrows) per calendar month. You can watch your films as many times as you want within the 3 day lending period.


Which browsers are supported by Kanopy?
Kanopy supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and iOS Safari for use with their website.  Kanopy supports Mac OS Yosemite and above as well as Windows 7 and above.


Is there an app?
There is both an iOS app and Android app available in their respective app stores.


Can I watch Kanopy on my TV?
Kanopy is compatible with AppleTV, Chromecast, and Roku. If your TV has an HDMI port you can connect a Kanopy ready device with an HDMI cable in order to project Kanopy content to your TV.


Are the films closed captioned?
Most Kanopy films offer closed captioning as well as interactive transcripts for their films. If a film does not have captioning you can request that Kanopy rush the process for captions. You will be notified by Kanopy when these captions are live.


How often does Kanopy get new content?
Kanopy gets new content daily and films are only removed twice a year.
For technical support please check out Kanopy’s Help page or contact oplreference@oakville.ca to speak to a staff member.


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