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Key Contacts


Key Contact Name Contact Information
Chief Executive Officer Tara Wong tara.wong@oakville.ca

905-815-2042, ext. 2027 

Human Resources oplhr@oakville.ca


Reception 905-815-2042


Customer Experience

Areas of responsibility: Branch Operations, Facility Management, Programming

Key Contact Name Contact Information
Director, Customer Experience Simona Dinu simona.dinu@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 2035

Manager, Customer Experience

Central Branch, Volunteers & Special Services

Andra Steele andra.steele@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 5063 

Manager, Customer Experience

Clearview, Iroquois Ridge & Sixteen Mile Branches

Cathy Burke cathy.burke@oakville.ca

905-338-4247 ext. 5906

Manager, Customer Experience

Glen Abbey Branch

Lila Saab lila.saab@oakville.ca

905-815-2039 ext. 3596

Manager, Customer Experience

White Oaks & Woodside Branches

Emma Primeau emma.primeau@oakville.ca

905-815-2038 (White Oaks)

905-815-2036 (Woodside)

ext. 5141

Manager, Program Development Danika Bernard danika.bernard@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 5189


Innovation & Integration
Areas of responsibility: Marketing & Communications, Technology & Projects, Collections, Development, Information Oakville & Friends of the Library

Key Contact Name Contact Information
Director, Innovation & Integration Joseph Moncada joseph.moncada@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 2014 

Manager, Community Development & Engagement Marcus Logan marcus.logan@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 5091 

Manager, Marketing & Communications Naveen Atwal naveen.atwal@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 2031

Manager, Technology & Projects Monica Socol monica.socol@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 5057

Manager, Collection Operations Lisa Williams lisa.williams@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 2029

Development Officer Debra Thompson debra.thompson@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 5092


Human Resources

Key Contact Name Contact Information
Manager, Human Resources Tricia Agnew tricia.agnew@oakville.ca

905-815-2042 ext. 5987