RoboRobo(TM) Robotics

Join us for a RoboRobo(TM) Robotics Program that allows young engineers the opportunity to Build, Program & Play while learning the basics of robotics. The Lego-style building blocks contain special circuits that will help students make their own custom-built robot move in different patterns through a card-reader system with colourful programming cards. Each child will enjoy the excitement of building a moving robot and easy programming without a computer.

  • Saturday, April 6
    Course Code: 245204
  • Saturday, May 25
    Course Code: 245205
  • Saturday, June 15
    Course Code: 245206
  • Saturday, July 20
    Course Code: 245276
  • Saturday, August 17
    Course Code: 245277

10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Iroquois Ridge Branch, Creation Zone
Cost: Free
Age: 6Y-9Y