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Borrowing material from Library and Archives Canada through Interlibrary Loans.

Important Update

We will able to borrow this material through interlibrary loans conditional to:

  • Clients being willing to pay costs related to the loan including shipping and any additional or extraordinary costs agreed to in advance. The client agrees to assume responsibility for compliance with the Copyright Act.
  • Reproduction of the loaned item(s) by client(s) by any means, including, but not restricted to, photocopying, digitization, or photography is prohibited.
  • The institution will make the item available for consultation only on its premises. The borrowed item(s) must be held in custody and returned in the same condition in which they were received by the institution.
  • The client will be held financially responsible for LAC’s applicable insurance deductible should damage or loss occur, resulting from negligence (or gross negligence) of the client(s).
  • The duration of the loan is fifteen (15) business days with no option to renew.