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Library Takeout – Contactless Holds Pickup

Watch: How-to video on how to schedule your online appointment 

Our Library Takeout service is a safe and easy way for customers to pick up their library holds while following responsible physical distancing and maintaining mandated health and safety measures.

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How it works:

  1. Browse our catalogue and place your hold.
  2. Once your hold request is processed and ready for a pick-up, you will then receive an email, text message or phone call confirmation for your hold and a link to schedule a pickup time. Please note that placing a hold does not automatically mean your hold is ready.
  3. Arrive for your contactless pick up at your scheduled time, and enjoy!

Schedule your Library Takeout appointment here.

Appointments can only be scheduled if you have received a notification (email, text or phone call) that your hold is ready for you.

Note: The online booking tool works best using the web browsers, Google Chrome and Safari.

We are currently processing thousands of holds. Placing a hold in our catalogue does not automatically mean your hold is ready. We appreciate your patience as we process all hold requests as quickly as possible.

Picking up your hold at the branch

If you use Library Takeout to pick-up your hold, please arrive promptly for your allocated time slot and follow directions indicated onsite. Marked areas outside and inside the branch pickup locations will indicate where to stand and wait while maintaining proper physical distance measures.

When you arrive:

  1. One pickup allowed at a time in the designated area. Please wait your turn.
  2. Pickup bags will be placed on a marked table, organized by appointment time slots.
  3. When ready, approach the table and look for your paper bag with your name. Please do not touch any other bag. Verify your library materials inside your bag.
  4. If you have the correct library materials, you can take your package and leave through the marked exit.
  5. If you miss your appointment, please call the number highlighted at the pickup table.
  6. Do not place or leave any personal items on the table. Do not leave any library returns or donations at the table.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Library Takeout works

How to schedule or cancel your pickup appointment

Picking up your hold at the branch

Safety measures

Other information



How will I know if my hold is ready for pick up?

When you place a hold through our website, mobile app or by phone and the hold becomes available, you will receive an email, text message or phone call notification (as per your OPL account preferences setup).

How do I place a hold if I don’t have a computer or internet access?

You can place a hold by calling a branch and requesting assistance of an OPL staff member.  If you call after business hours, you can leave a voicemail and someone will respond as soon as possible.

How can I manage my holds if there are items I no longer need, and so that the remaining items don’t all arrive at once?

If there are items on your holds list that you no longer need, or that you don’t want to pick up right away, here’s what you should do in your OPL account:

  1. Go to My OPL and click on Holds
  2. Cancel any holds that you no longer want.
  3. Change the status of any holds you don’t want delivered yet by setting the hold to “Pause hold”. You will keep moving up on the waiting list while your hold is paused. When you’re ready to pick it up, you can change the status back to Resume Hold and you will be notified when your hold is ready for pick-up.

I registered for a library card online, can I place holds for library materials?

Easy Access Cards created online are not eligible for holds on physical items. Please call a branch for further assistance.

Are hold periods extended?

Library hold expiry dates will be extended to ten days, and adjusted as necessary. Two days before your hold will expire, you will receive a reminder notification. Holds that are not picked up are subject to a $1 expired hold fee.

What if my hold expires – will a fee still be charged if I don’t pick up my scheduled hold pickup?

Yes. Our hold fees policy remains in effect. Holds that are not picked up are subject to a $1 expired hold fee. Library holds are limited to 50 items per library card.

To cancel a library hold go to your OPL account or through the OPL mobile app. You can also call us at 905-815-2042 and speak to a staff member for assistance. If a library hold is about to expire, you will receive a notification with a reminder.

If you call after business hours, you can leave a voicemail and someone will respond as soon as possible.

How do I know I can schedule a hold pickup appointment?

Your hold is only ready for pickup when you receive a notification from us.

If you see in your OPL account your hold is ready but you have not received a notification message from us, please wait 24 hours to receive your notification. If you still have not received one, please call the branch where your hold is placed.

In the notification, there will be instructions on how to schedule an appointment to pick up the available hold(s). When you schedule your appointment, you will need to provide your name, your library card number, a phone number and an email address to reserve a pickup time.

How do I cancel or change my hold pickup appointment?

Please call the branch where your hold is placed. Cancellations or changes cannot be made via email or through your OPL account.

I picked the wrong location for my scheduled pickup. How do I change it?

Once you’re notified that your hold is available a change to the pickup location can only be made by an OPL staff member – send a request by email to oplrefrence@oakville.ca or call a branch. Please note that this may delay receiving your holds by several days.

The hold pickup location can be changed using the latest version of the My OPL app up to the point that the hold becomes available to pick up.

If you call after business hours, you can leave a voicemail and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Do I need to make an appointment to return library material?

No need to book an appointment for returning your items, just stop by during the noted hours of operation. There is signage at the branch book drops indicating where to go to return your items. If your item is oversized and cannot be returned through the book drop, please call the branch for assistance.

Can I request library material onsite/on demand?

No, this isn’t available at this time.

If you want to place a hold over the phone, call 905-815-2042 and request the assistance of an OPL staff member to place your hold and schedule a pickup time. If you call after business hours, you can leave a voicemail and someone will respond as soon as possible.

How will I check out my holds? Do I need to bring/show my library card when I pick up my holds?

When you book your holds pickup appointment, you will provide your name and library card number, and we will use that information to prepare your library holds for your contactless hold pickup.

When you arrive for your appointment at your assigned branch, you will follow the instructions indicated and your pickup bag will be clearly labelled.

Can I call the branch to place a hold?

Yes. You can call your specific branch to speak to OPL staff to place a hold and schedule an appointment for pick-up.

  • Central – 905-815-2042
  • Clearview – 905-815-2033
  • Glen Abbey – 905-815-2039
  • Iroquois Ridge – 905-338-4247
  • Sixteen Mile – 905-815-6112
  • White Oaks – 905-815-2038
  • Woodside – 905-815-2036

If you call after business hours, you can leave a voicemail and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Can I pay for my fees when I come for my scheduled pick-up?

No. Library fees and fines can be viewed and paid on our website through the online payment service

Are you quarantining library materials when they are returned?

Yes. We are following all provincial public health guidelines regarding the safe handling and quarantine of all materials prior to circulating them to the public. We are taking all responsible precautions to ensure our working environment remains in compliance with health and safety protocols to keep our staff and customers safe. We continue to review and monitor guidelines as provided to us and are subject to change without notice.

Please note that due to the quarantining of materials, it may take a few days for returned library materials to be removed from your OPL account. For any concerns, please contact the branch at which you made your returns.

How will you maintain physical distancing and safety procedures with customers?

All branches for contactless holds pickup and library returns have clearly marked signage, directions and physical distancing markers for both staff and the public. At the pickup table where customers retrieve their packages, only one pickup is allowed at a time.

How can I contact Oakville Public Library if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about Library Takeout, please contact your home branch or email us at oplreference@oakville.ca. If you call after business hours, you can leave a voicemail and someone will respond as soon as possible.

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