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How can to borrow seeds?

  • The OPL Seed Library is available at all OPL branches – to find the closest branch to you, click here
  • In order to borrow seeds, you must be a registered OPL Library Cardholder – learn how you can sign up for a free library card by clicking here
  • Once you’re ready, select your desired seeds and fill out a check-out form(s)
  • Drop off your check-out form(s) at the branch’s Customer Service Desk

Why Harvest Seeds?

  • By harvesting your seeds and returning them to the library, you allow more individuals to participate and experience the pleasures of growing their own plants.
  • Harvesting your own seeds allows you to develop a deeper understanding of botany and the plant kingdom.
  • You can save money by planting your own seeds and growing your own food.

What happens if my plants don’t grow?

Plants are very temperamental and gardening can often be difficult.

If your plants don’t grow, or if your plant suddenly dies, don’t worry! We understand that nature sometimes takes a different course and that things don’t always work out as planned.

Regardless of whether your gardening was successful (or not), we still want to hear the story of your experience. If you’d like to share your growing journey, please email oplreference@oakville.ca.

How is the OPL Seed Library organized?

  • The seed library is organized by plant families (common names – beans, radish, etc.)
  • Seed packets are stored in boxes designated for the seed library
  • Seeds are sorted alphabetically by common name and separated by dividers
  • Each packet is labeled with common name and variety noted

How do I harvest my seeds?

To harvest your plant’s seeds, please visit the Step-by-Step Harvesting Guide.

How do I return my seeds?

For more information on how to return your seeds, please click here.

How can I donate seeds to the library?

For more information on donating seeds to the OPL Seed Library, please click here.

Where can I learn more about gardening?

  • Visit opl.ca for books and other resources
  • Attend an OPL program – frequently check our website and Program Guide for any upcoming programs related to gardening or the OPL Seed Library
  • Join the seedsavers.org forum
  • Talk to experienced seed-saving gardeners