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How to use filters in cloudLibrary

If you want to see more than what cloudLibrary shows by default, we recommend changing your subject filters.

You can do this by selecting “All” in the search area of the app.

To edit the filters, click the small arrow at the far right of the screen under “View Cards” or the category name currently on display (Adult/Fiction as indicated in the image below).

From here you can make changes to any content you would like to see based on genre.

You will have to select each genre you would like to see but as long as you hit “Save” in the top right corner (as indicated in the image below), the app will remember it.

You will have to repeat this process through each category (e.g. Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, etc.).


Frequently Asked Questions about cloudLibrary

Oakville Public Library has recently transitioned from OverDrive to cloudLibrary for our digital collection. Need help navigating cloudLibrary? Browse through our list of frequently asked questions below and click on any of the questions to jump ahead and find your answer.

Getting Started


Device Compatibility

How do I get started with cloudLibrary?

Step 1: Download the cloudLibrary App

cloudLibrary has downloadable apps available for the following platforms:

*Not supported by all versions: cloudLibrary is currently not compatible with Kindle Paperwhites or Kindle Apps. If you would like to read eBooks from the library on your Kindle, please email and request that Amazon allow compatibility with cloudLibrary.

Access cloudLibrary via a web browser

Step 2: Setup and Log In

Once the download is complete, open the app and follow the prompts on screen:

  • Choose your Language, Country, Province and Library.
  • Read and accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and End User License Agreement to continue.
  • Enter your Oakville Public Library card number and PIN (typically the last 4 digits of your phone number).

Note: If using the cloudLibrary Desktop App, please refer to the information below on activating your Adobe ID and transferring eBooks.

Step 3: Discover and Enjoy!

You’re ready to begin! Borrow up to 15 items at a time and benefit from a 21 day loan period. You can also place holds on up to 10 items at a time. Wondering how to use filters in cloudLibrary when searching? Learn more here. 

Why is this change happening?

The decision to switch from OverDrive to cloudLibrary as the library’s main platform for eBooks and audiobooks was made with the customer experience in mind. With cloudLibrary, our customers now have access to an even larger digital collection, made up of OPL’s owned collection plus the digital collections of over 23 other Ontario library systems (approximately 135,000 titles in total!). New releases may still have a holds list, but customer wait times will be significantly decreased due to fewer people trying to access the same titles.

Will my holds be automatically transferred from Overdrive/Libby to cloudLibrary?

No. Privacy laws prohibit existing holds on OverDrive/Libby from being automatically transferred to cloudLibrary. If the title you’re looking for isn’t in our collection, you can let us know by suggesting a title for purchase. There will be an option to suggest a purchase within cloudLibrary coming soon.

Will my reading history be automatically transferred from OverDrive/Libby to cloudLibrary?

No. Your reading history will not be automatically transferred to cloudLibrary.

How many items can I check out, place holds on, and borrow in cloudLibrary?

  • You can check out up to 15 items at one time.
  • You can place up to 10 holds.
  • You may borrow an item from cloudLibrary for up to 21 days. After this time period, your item will automatically expire.

If I already have an account with OverDrive/Libby, do I need to sign up for an account with cloudLibrary?

  • Yes. You will need to sign up for an account to get started with cloudLibrary. Download the cloudLibrary app on your desktop or mobile device and simply follow the prompts to find your library and sign in using your Oakville Public Library card.

What devices are compatible with cloudLibrary?

  • cloudLibrary is compatible with iOS, Android, Nook, Windows, MAC OS, Kobo, and Kindle Fire as a mobile or desktop app depending on the device.
  • cloudLibrary integration is not available for Kobo eReader products. However, PDFs of cloudLibrary eBooks can be transferred over to all Kobo eReaders using the cloudLibrary desktop app (Windows OS/Mac OS).

Can I download and transfer eBooks through cloudLibrary to my eReader?

Yes, once you have checked out a book using cloudLibrary desktop app, you can transfer a copy to your eReader. To learn how this works, please consult the ‘Transferring to an eReader’ section here (see Section 13).

Note: When you first use the cloudLibrary desktop app, you will be prompted to activate your cloudLibrary account with an Adobe ID after you log in. It is important that the PC and the eReader have both been activated with the same account – either an Adobe ID account or a cloudLibrary vendor ID Adobe account.

If you will only be using cloudLibrary (without OverDrive): When you log in to the cloudLibrary desktop app, choose the recommended option to “automatically generate an ID.” Note that if you have used OverDrive in the past, Adobe Digital Editions must be uninstalled from your computer before installing the cloudLibrary app in order for it to function properly.

If you will be using both cloudLibrary and OverDrive: You must have both the cloudLibrary desktop app and Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer. Any eBooks you download in cloudLibrary will redirect to Adobe Digital Editions. When you authorize the cloudLibrary app, do not use the recommended instructions to “automatically generate an ID.” Instead, choose “explicitly provide an Adobe ID”, and enter the same ID that you have used for Adobe Digital Editions. Some computers may recognize your ID automatically, and you can simply click to activate the detected ID.

I saw an eBook in cloudLibrary previously, but it’s not there now. What happened?

This could be one of two things. It could be that our license for this title has expired and needs to be repurchased or this is a title that was available through our cloudLink with the other Ontario libraries using cloudLibrary. When titles vanish like that it is because a customer from the owning library is using it. It will reappear once the owning system isn’t using it.

Oakville Public Library has partnered with public libraries across Ontario to form a cloudLinking consortium. cloudLinking allows participating libraries to pool their digital collections together to provide a greater selection of titles and copies. Customers may view, borrow and place holds on titles that are owned by Oakville Public Library regardless of their availability status.

Can I listen to my audiobook offline on my mobile device?

Yes, offline listening is available in the mobile apps once an audiobook has been fully downloaded.

Can I transfer my audiobook from my Mac or my PC to my MP3 player?

No. Both the PC and Mac version of the cloudLibrary app stream the content and do not download the entire audiobook file. Transfer of the file is not available.

How do I use my Kobo with cloudLibrary?

There are two options for set up for Kobo with cloudLibrary and which one is used depends on how you plan to use your Kobo, namely in whether or not you intend to continue to use OverDrive through another public library system. The set up for both situations are outlined below. You can have your Kobo connected during all of this as well.

If we are the only public library system you use (i.e. you aren’t a member of a public library system that is using OverDrive as their eBook vendor).

  1. Deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions and then uninstall it from your computer
  2. Uninstall the cloudLibrary app
  3. Reinstall the cloudLibrary app
  4. When it prompts you to either provide an Adobe ID or have one auto generated for you, please select the auto generate option. You do not need Adobe Digital Editions if you aren’t using OverDrive anymore.
  5. You should be able to borrow and transfer books to your Kobo from within the app. More information into how the transferring process works in the cloudLibrary app can be found on page 13 of the user guide here:

If you are still intending to use OverDrive through another public library system:

  1. Deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions and then uninstall it from your computer
  2. Uninstall the cloudLibrary app
  3. Reinstall both apps
  4. When you are authorizing them both again the same Adobe ID needs to be used to authorize both programs and it needs to be the one that is being used with OverDrive. So in cloudLibrary instead of auto generating an ID you will need to provide log-in details.
  5. From this point you will be borrowing items in the cloudLibrary app but actually transferring them using Adobe Digital Edition, this is so both OverDrive and cloudLibrary can work on the same device.

My cloudLibrary title isn’t downloading. What do I do?

You may have your settings in the mobile app set to only download when you are connected to Wi-Fi. This setting can be found in the Account section of the cloudLibrary app.

Whether you are using Wi-Fi or a data connection, content does not automatically download unless it is opened. If you’d like items to automatically open when you borrow them, you can turn on that setting in the Account setting as well. This will ensure your items download fully to your device.

Why didn’t cloudLibrary checkout my holds for me?

cloudLibrary regretfully does not offer automatic checkouts for holds at this time. When a hold becomes available for you in cloudLibrary you have four days to borrow the item before it is released back into the collection or goes to the next person on the holds list.

We strongly encourage you to enable push notifications to your mobile device and/or email notifications from cloudLibrary so you are made aware when items are available for pick up. You can enable these through your account in the cloudLibrary app or through the Settings page on our cloudLibrary website.


Introducing provides access to the news articles from the New York Times newspaper on any computer, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection. is offered in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

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Introducing MagnusCards

Oakville Public Library is happy to announce that we are now a part of MagnusCards – an app that helps individuals with cognitive special needs move through their communities with confidence and independence.

To learn more about the library’s MagnusCards, download the app on your Apple or Android device and search for Oakville, or visit the website here.

Online Account Updates

If you have logged in to your library account recently, you may have noticed that there have been some changes to the look of your online account. Here is an outline of those changes. Please feel free to click any image on this page in order to enlarge it.

Read the rest of this entry »

Calibre Software and OverDrive

Calibre softwear is not compatible with OverDrive DRM (Digital Rights Management). If you try to read OverDrive eBooks on Calibre it will give you an error message reading something like “Copy not allowed”. In order to read eBooks through OverDrive you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions Software, available for free through OPL.

Calibre Softwear and OverDrive

Calibre softwear is not compatible with OverDrive DRM (Digital Rights Management). If you try to read OverDrive eBooks on Calibre it will give you an error message reading something like “Copy not allowed”. In order to read eBooks through OverDrive you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions Softwear, available for free through OPL.

FAQ: Printing with Zinio

Currently there is no option to print a magazine from the web browser view. In order to print portions of a magazine, please use the Zinio Reader 4 for your desktop. Please keep in mind that using the Zinio Reader 4 does require a account. If you have not yet created one, please go to and create an account using the same email address that is associated with library’s RBdigital account.

To install Zinio Reader 4 for your desktop, please visit this page For additional information on Zinio Reader 4 compatibility, please visit their website directly at

Please keep in mind that the magazine publishers determine whether or not their materials are able to be printed.  While some publishers will allow printing of individual pages, very few will allow you to print the entire magazine.


RBDigital: FAQs

RBDigital is Oakville Public Library’s digital magazine service, available to Oakville Public Library cardholders. There are nearly 100 up-to-date magazines available for your enjoyment! Questions? Take a look at our FAQ below.

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RBDigital: A User Guide

This step-by-step user guide will help you get started with Oakville Public Library’s RBDigital digital magazine collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Q: What do I need in order to use

A: You need an active Oakville Public Library (OPL) card and PIN. Your PIN is typically the last four digits of your telephone number.

Read the rest of this entry »

Kobo Glo + Kobo Aura Authorization Troubleshooting

This appears to be an issue with Adobe 4.0. You get an ADE error message when attempting to move books from ADE to the KOBO. The solution is to use an older version of ADE. That means undoing everything done to set up the device, set up ADE and download and move books. The slate must be wiped clean and then all setup done again from the beginning, as before, but with Adobe 3.0 this time. The following steps should accomplish that. Read the rest of this entry »

Downloading eBooks and transferring to a Kobo/Sony Reader/Pandigital eReader

If you are using a Sony Reader Wi-Fi, please see Downloading eBooks from OverDrive/Libraries on the Go to a Sony Reader Wi-Fi.

1.  Without plugging the eReader into the computer, go to and download Adobe Digital Editions software (located on right side column of webpage).

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Can’t find a specific non-print title? Q & A:

Q: Why can’t I find some of my favorite titles in eBook format?

A. While Oakville Public Library is able to purchase most book titles in print, eBook availability is more limited. Not all publishers are currently selling digital copies to Canadian public libraries. This means that Oakville Public Library may have the hardcover or paperback edition of a book but not the eBook edition. Some eBooks made available to public libraries in the United States are not available to public libraries in Canada.

Oakville Public Library staff and affiliated professional bodies such the Canadian Urban Libraries Council and the Canadian Library Association are advocating to improve access to eBooks for all Canadian libraries, and progress is being made. We hope that you continue to enjoy the nearly 17,000 titles available to you now through our OverDrive service and encourage you to stay tuned for updates because the eBook marketplace is constantly evolving.

The Library keeps a record of all requested eBook and digital audiobook titles. If you do not see your request added to our online shelves, it may be due to the reasons above. Please continue to forward your suggestions here.

Online Technology Tutorials

Looking for technology-related help? Try an online tutorial to start:

In addition to educational programs such as ‘Tech Talks’ and free ‘Book a Tech Coach’ sessions, Oakville Public Library provides access to many technology-related resources. If you’re a visual learner, an online tutorial may be helpful! provides free online tutorials suitable for learners of all abilities. You can use them to learn computer basics, brush up on Microsoft Office skills, become a savvy internet/social media user and gain new career skills.
Available 24/7, provides more than 90 tutorials and 1,000 lessons and videos, absolutely free. Examples include Apple products, Microsoft Office, Google, Internet Safety, Social Media and much more.

Start your online learning now  at Select ‘Interests’ and Online Tutorials.

Hoopla: Mobile Device User Guide

Register for Hoopla

  • Download the Hoopla Digital app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play
  • Open the app and press Sign Up, then select Oakville Public Library and enter your library card and your PIN number
  • Provide your e-mail address and a password

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Hoopla: Computer User Guide

Register for Hoopla

  • Visit and click Sign Up
  • Select Oakville Public Library and enter your library card and your PIN number
  • Provide your e-mail address and a password

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Hoopla: FAQ

What is hoopla?

Hoopla is a digital media service that allows customers to access movies, television shows, audiobooks, and music online. It is streaming and downloadable, and customers can borrow up to 5 titles per month.

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Zinio: FAQs

Zinio is Oakville Public Library’s digital magazine service, available to Oakville Public Library cardholders. There are nearly 100 up-to-date magazines available for your enjoyment! Questions? Take a look at our FAQ below.

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Apps for Back to School

There are so many apps out there – it’s overwhelming. How can you possibly find the best ones for your child? With this list, we have tried to do some of that work for you. Created by one of our star Information Assistants in the Central Children’s Department, this list includes apps for Pre-School / Kindergarten and Grade School. You can find them in the iTunes App Store and / or the Google Play Store, as specified. Enjoy!

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Freegal: FAQ & Troubleshooting

What is Freegal?

Freegal is a free downloadable music service with over 3 million songs from the Sony music catalogue (which includes over 10,000 record labels). Freegal allows every Oakville Public Library customer to download up to seven songs per week. It is available on personal computers (Windows or Mac), Android mobile devices, and Apple mobile devices.

How do I get the Freegal app?

The Freegal app is available on the iTunes App Store as well as the Google Play store. The app is free.

Android App from Google Play Store

Apple App from iTunes Store Read the rest of this entry »

Freegal 4.0 FAQ

Freegal has recently made some changes to the interface, including the addition of music videos and the ability to build an individual wishlist. Take a look at our new and updated Freegal FAQ for more details.

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What is OPL to Go?

OPL to Go is Oakville Public Library’s free app – the best way to access Oakville Public Library from your Apple or Android device. You can log in, view your account, place and edit holds, locate materials and branches, and even use it as your library card!

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OverDrive & Windows 8

OverDrive has provided a step-by-step of how Overdrive’s apps work with Windows 8. Read the rest of this entry »

OverDrive Media Console App for BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available

The OverDrive Media Console App for BlackBerry PlayBook is now available in BlackBerry App World. Be sure to install the PlayBook’s operating system update OS2.0; do this from the PlayBook’s Settings feature and select ‘Software Updates’ and then ‘Check for Updates’. Use the OverDrive Media Console App for BlackBerry Playbook to download eBooks and audiobooks from Oakville Public Library’s Libraries on the Go website for use on the BlackBerry PlayBook.  BlackBerry smartphones are compatible with OverDrive using the OverDrive Media Console App for BlackBerry. Read the rest of this entry »

Kobo Vox: Google Play Software Upgrade and OverDrive Media Console App

A software upgrade is now available so that Google Play and its 500,000+ Android apps may be accessible on the Kobo Vox. This includes the ability to easily install the free OverDrive Media Console app necessary to borrow library eBooks and audiobooks from Oakville Public Library’s Libraries on the Go service. 

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Downloading eBooks from OverDrive/Libraries on the Go to a Sony Reader Wi-Fi

OverDrive eBooks may be downloaded directly onto a Sony Reader Wi-Fi. Be sure to have the Reader connected to a wireless network.

  1. Use the Home button to open the Home Screen.
  2. Tap the arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the ‘Public Library’ button.
  4. Search for Oakville Public Library using the on-screen keyboard and find Libraries on the Go.
  5. Browse for an eBook, add it to your cart, check it out and download it to the device.

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Downloading eBooks Onto Your Kobo Arc

The Kobo Arc, unlike other Kobos, is more of an android tablet than a basic eReader. Though you can access eBooks on both, the ways you access them are very different. These are the instructions on how to use Libraries on the Go with the Kobo Arc.

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Kobo Vox and eBooks and Audiobooks from Libraries on the Go / OverDrive

Want to download and read eBooks or listen to audiobooks from Oakville Public Library’s Libraries on the Go / OverDrive service on your Kobo Vox?  You first need to install the OverDrive Media Console app.  Here’s how: Read the rest of this entry »

Listen to Streaming Music Free from Oakville Public Library

Create a Naxos Music Library account from the library’s online Naxos Music Library database, download the free Naxos Music Library app from either the iTunes Store or the Android Market and enjoy free streaming music on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or Android smartphone.  Here’s how… Read the rest of this entry »

File Association errors with OverDrive

On occasion, customers will have problems downloading ePubs and eAudio successfully because Adobe Digital Editions does not recognize the type of file being used. This isn’t a huge problem anymore, but here are the instructions for ODM file association errors and ACSM errors. These are readily available on the OverDrive HELP page or by conducting a Google search.


RoboRobo™ Robotics

Join us for a RoboRoboTM Robotics Program that allows young engineers the opportunity to Build, Program & Play while learning the basics of robotics. The Lego style building blocks contain special circuits that will help students make their own custom-built robot move in different patterns through a card-reader system with colourful programing cards. Each child will enjoy the excitement of building a moving robot and easy programming without a computer.

  • Saturday, January 12
    10:00 – 11:30a.m.
    Course Code: 245081
  • Saturday, February 23
    10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
    Course Code: 245082

Iroquois Ridge Branch, Creation Zone
Cost: Free
Age: 6Y-9Y


Love My OPL-Intro to Digital Resources

Did you know the library has downloadable movies, music and more? We also have databases with health, business and consumer information. Make the most of your free library card by joining us for this hands-on session.

  • Friday, March 29
    2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
    White Oaks Branch
    Course Code: 245229
  • Tuesday, June 4**
    7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
    Central Branch, Auditorium 
    Course Code: 245230
  • Friday,July 5 **
  • Woodside Branch
    Course Code: 245251
  • Thursday, August 15
    7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
    Central Branch, Auditorium
    Course Code: 245252
  • Friday, August 23
    2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
    White Oaks Branch
    Course Code: 245250

Cost: Free/1 class

Age: 16Y+

**Program Cancelled