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Can’t find a specific non-print title? Q & A:

Q: Why can’t I find some of my favorite titles in eBook format?

A. While Oakville Public Library is able to purchase most book titles in print, eBook availability is more limited. Not all publishers are currently selling digital copies to Canadian public libraries. This means that Oakville Public Library may have the hardcover or paperback edition of a book but not the eBook edition. Some eBooks made available to public libraries in the United States are not available to public libraries in Canada.

Oakville Public Library staff and affiliated professional bodies such the Canadian Urban Libraries Council and the Canadian Library Association are advocating to improve access to eBooks for all Canadian libraries, and progress is being made. We hope that you continue to enjoy the nearly 17,000 titles available to you now through our OverDrive service and encourage you to stay tuned for updates because the eBook marketplace is constantly evolving.

The Library keeps a record of all requested eBook and digital audiobook titles. If you do not see your request added to our online shelves, it may be due to the reasons above. Please continue to forward your suggestions here.