Freegal 4.0 FAQ

Freegal has recently made some changes to the interface, including the addition of music videos and the ability to build an individual wishlist. Take a look at our new and updated Freegal FAQ for more details.

How do I sign in?

While you used to have to sign in to see content on Freegal, that is no longer the case. You can now browse the site without logging in. You now log in by clicking the Login button on the top right corner of your screen on the Freegal website.

What are the main differences between the old Freegal and Freegal 4.0?

The main differences are the interface (which looks different), an addition of more music, and the addition of music videos.

I downloaded one of the new music videos – why did it set my downloads down by two instead of one?

Music video downloads ‘cost’ the equivalent of two regular song downloads, which means that if you have 7 available downloads and you decide to download one music video, your available downloads will be set to 5.

How do I download a song now?

While the way you can preview a song is the same (by clicking on the small blue triangle next to a song title), the way you download it is slightly different. You can now select a song and click the little white box to the right of the song title. This will give you two options: Download or Add to Wishlist.

Why should I start a Wishlist?

A wishlist can be especially helpful if you have reached your maximum downloads for the week, but you see a song you would like to download in the future. This way, every week you could have a whole list of songs ready to download without having to search the database!

I clicked on a song, but it didn’t give me the option to listen to the preview or download! What’s going on?

This song is probably on the ‘Coming Soon’ list, which means that you can place it onto your wishlist until it is released. Freegal has the same release dates for music as the general public, so as soon as a song becomes available in-store or on iTunes, it is also available on Freegal.

Where can I find more FAQs?

Freegal has an FAQ page, which you can find here. Our older Freegal FAQ can be found here. You can also send us an e-mail at if you have any questions not answered here.