Freegal: FAQ & Troubleshooting

What is Freegal?

Freegal is a free downloadable music service with over 3 million songs from the Sony music catalogue (which includes over 10,000 record labels). Freegal allows every Oakville Public Library customer to download up to seven songs per week. It is available on personal computers (Windows or Mac), Android mobile devices, and Apple mobile devices.

How do I get the Freegal app?

The Freegal app is available on the iTunes App Store as well as the Google Play store. The app is free.

Android App from Google Play Store

Apple App from iTunes Store

**Important User Tip: If you’re downloading songs from a mobile device using the Freegal Mobile App, you will need to re-download your songs onto your desktop or laptop within two weeks of the original download date (to ensure permanent access ). When you access Freegal from a mobile device, Apple and Android will prevent the songs from downloading into iTunes or any Android music app. **

How many songs can I download per week?

You may download up to 7 songs per week with an Oakville Public Library account.

Do I only get the songs for a week, or do I get to keep them?

Once you have downloaded the songs, they belong to you. They will never expire.

What devices are compatible with Freegal?

Freegal is compatible with personal computers (Windows and Mac), as well as Apple and Android mobile devices.

How do I log in to Freegal?

You can access Freegal by clicking the large image on the Freegal page and signing in with your Oakville Public Library barcode and PIN (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number). Even if you are signed in to your library account, you will still have to re-sign in on the Freegal website.

How do I search for a song in Freegal?

If you have a song, artist, album, or composer in mind, you can search for them in Freegal by using the search bar on the right side of the Freegal homepage. You also have the option to browse alphabetically by artist, by genre, and by local and national popularity.

How do I download a song in Freegal?

Once you have logged in to Freegal and found a song you would like to download, simply press Download Now.

When does my song count reset?

The song count resets to zero every Monday morning at 12am.

If my library stops subscribing to Freegal, will I get to keep my songs?

Yes. Once you have downloaded the songs, they belong to you. They will never expire.

What kind of music is available?

All labels owned by Sony Music are available, so the range is very wide! Top forty pop to classic rock, international music to spoken word, classical to metal – though Freegal does not provide access to every song, they do provide access to many genres.

Why can’t I find the song I am looking for? Why is there only a tribute version of the song I am looking for?

While Sony does own a wide variety of music by many artists, they do not own every song by every artist.

Can I use Freegal on a library computer?

You may use Freegal on a library computer; however, you must save the song to a USB key in order to take it with you.

What can I use my songs for?

Your songs downloaded from Freegal are for personal use. Just like purchasing a song from a store, there are legal limitations on what you can use your songs for. You will be asked to agree to a license agreement the first time you sign in to Freegal to ensure that the songs are not used for commercial purposes.

Why can’t I find the Freegal app in the Windows store?

Currently there is no Microsoft Surface app for Freegal; however, music can be downloaded onto the Surface using the web browser.

Why won’t my iPad/iPhone store my songs in iTunes? How can I transfer my song to iTunes?

When you access the Freegal website on a mobile device, Apple will prevent the song from downloading into iTunes. You must download songs onto iTunes on your computer and then sync those songs onto your iPhone or iPad. If you have already downloaded the song using the Freegal app, you can re-download it onto your computer from a browser within a two-week period.

I lost my song file, or want it on another device. How long do I have to re-download a song?

You have two weeks to access your files, which are stored in the Recent Downloads section of the website interface and app.

My song only partially downloaded! How do I get the rest of it?

You may return to your Recent Downloads section and re-download your song within two weeks of initializing your download.

My phone crashed, and I have to re-load all of my apps. What happens to my music?

Android phones are able to re-download Freegal and access all downloaded songs. Unfortunately iOS (including the iPhone) do not have access to previously downloaded songs if the Freegal app is deleted. In this case, you may re-download your most recent songs from the past two weeks. We recommend that you download your songs to a computer as well as to an iOS device to ensure no loss of downloaded music in the case of a factory reset.

I’ve downloaded a song, but I can’t find it on my computer. Where is it?

Your downloaded song may automatically save in several different places depending on the configuration and settings of your computer. Some folders to check: Downloads, Temporary Internet Files, and iTunes. If you still cannot find your new song download, you may also want to search your computer files. To do this in Windows, follow these steps: Start > Search > Files and Folders and type in your song or artist name. For Macs, press the Finder button (usually on the bottom left side of the home screen) and type in your search terms in the top right corner.

Nothing happens when I click on the play button to listen to the song sample.

Freegal is compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. If using one of these browsers, check that your browser is running Flash Player 10 or higher. Please note that due to Flash incompatibility, the mobile webpage is not compatible on mobile Apple devices such as the iPad or the iPhone. The Freegal App can be used on the iPhone and iPad.

My browser says that I am not authorized to view the Freegal site.

If your computer prevents you from visiting Freegal, there are a few steps you can take. Try deleting your browser cookies and clearing your browser history (usually found in the browser’s Tools menu). If this does not change the authorization, you may need to check that your firewall is not blocking Freegal.

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