Listen to Streaming Music Free from Oakville Public Library

Create a Naxos Music Library account from the library’s online Naxos Music Library database, download the free Naxos Music Library app from either the iTunes Store or the Android Market and enjoy free streaming music on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or Android smartphone.  Here’s how…

1.  Create your Naxos Music Library account:  Log on to Naxos Music Library using your library barcode and PIN via the library’s online databases.

2.  Click on the Playlists tab and then on the “Sign up” link.

3.  Fill in the account sign up page and click on the “Register New Account Now” link.

4.    A message appears indicating that the registration is completed.  An email will be sent to you from Naxos Music Library containing your account activation link. 

5.  Log in to your email and click on the activation link that will be called “Activate Naxos Music Library Student Playlist Login Now.”

6.  You will receive a message indicating that the account has been successfully activated.  A login link will appear.

7.  If you wish to access your playlist on your computer, click on the “click here” link and type in your email address and password that you chose when setting up your account; then click on the “Login Now” button.

8.  If you wish to access Naxos on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch or Android phone, download the Naxos Music Library app from the iTunes Store or the Android Market and log in with your email address and the password you created.

9.  Enjoy!

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