Zinio: FAQs

Zinio is Oakville Public Library’s digital magazine service, available to Oakville Public Library cardholders. There are nearly 100 up-to-date magazines available for your enjoyment! Questions? Take a look at our FAQ below.

How many magazines can I borrow?

You can check out as many magazines as you like using your Oakville Public Library card – there is no limit!

Do I have to return the magazines?

You have the option to keep or delete the magazines you have checked out. Unlike library books and physical magazines, digital magazines from Zinio do not need to be returned and are yours to keep for as long as you wish!

Can I get back issues of a magazine?

Zinio has access to some back issues of particular magazines, but it depends on the title. If back issues are available, a button appears beside the magazine to notify you.

Why do you have some magazines and not others?

Some magazines are not available through Zinio, or are only available for individual purchase through Zinio.com and not through the library service. Occasionally a relationship between Zinio and publisher ends, thus ending our ability to offer it digitally. If there is a magazine that you wish OPL to subscribe to, please e-mail oplreference@oakville.ca so that our Collections Team may consider it for purchase (if it is available).

What if I already use Zinio and want to start using it from the library?

If you already use Zinio, visit OPL’s Zinio Page to check out a magazine in the OPL Zinio collection. When you create an account using your library barcode, you must use the same e-mail address as your pre-existing Zinio account.

I have been receiving promotional e-mails from Zinio. How do I unsubscribe?

Sign into your account, choose Preferences on the Account Settings menu on the left side of the screen, change your e-mail preferences to No, and click Save Changes.

How do I download magazines to my tablet or smartphone?

You may then download the Zinio for Libraries app. When you sign in, all of your magazines will appear. You must download them if you wish to read them offline. You can download them by pressing the downward arrow button. Note: You cannot select a new magazine from the library within the Zinio app. In order to select a new magazine, you must do it on the internet browser on your tablet or computer.

If you wish to send a question to Oakville Public Library staff, please feel free to contact OPLReference@oakville.ca. We would be happy to help!