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Strengthening literary skills and community outreach through Clearview Kids N’ Me.

At the Oakville Public Library (OPL), we are committed to establishing connections and enhancing literacy skills within the community.

We understand the importance of building a foundation of literacy, and we encourage early learning for the essential development of our children and youth. In support of the growing needs of our neighbourhoods, we offer specialized programming for all levels of learning and areas of focus.

In 2011, the OPL introduced the Clearview Kids N’ Me program to provide our high-need communities with access to additional learning and resources. This multifaceted program allows pre-school children to develop and expand their literacy and social skills through various activities, creative play, and storytelling, as well as educates parents and caregivers on childhood development, parenting techniques, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

In 2016 alone, over 1,300 individuals attended a Clearview Kids N’ Me session, which well-exceeded our expectancy for the program. After receiving a magnitude of positive feedback from parents and caregivers, we are delighted to know that we have been able to provide a tangible resource for our community members.

“My children and I love this program. It is the only daytime program in our area that we can attend regularly. Since attending, my children have become more outgoing and enjoy playing with other kids.”

The success of the Clearview Kids N’ Me program is largely a result of the support from a few amazing OPL partners, such as the Oakville YMCA, the Halton Region Health Department, OPL staff, and student volunteers from Sheridan College.

Last year the program also received a generous donation from our friends at the Oakville Community Foundation. The Oakville Community Foundation encourages and supports organizations in Oakville to reinvest in our community through the funding of special projects and initiatives. With their support, we were able to enhance the Clearview Kids N’ Me program and offer assistance to more deserving families.

We would like to thank our supporters and our community for their ongoing interest and encouragement. We hope to continue this wonderful project for the years to come!