Volunteer Opportunities

The Friends of the Oakville Public Library’s book sales are entirely volunteer-run. There are a number of volunteer opportunities available leading up to and during the sales. Volunteering your time with FOL lends a huge helping hand and contributes to the success of these great community events!

Stay tuned for more information on our current volunteer opportunities and how to apply.

What volunteer positions are available?

There are six main roles for volunteers:

1. Set-up Crew
2. Cashiers
3. Restockers
4. Clean-up Crew
5. Team Captain
6. Sorters

Set-up crew work on the afternoon and evening of the Tuesday before the sale: there are generally 2 shifts, one from 1pm – 4pm, and another from 6pm – 9pm. Each set-up shift should have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 volunteers. As set-up crew, you will: post signs for subject areas, pricing and book sale layout maps; take boxes of books from the storage room and move them to the appropriate tables in the main sale area, according to the sale maps; unpack boxes and put books spine-side up in a tidy manner under their section headings. Ability to lift a box of books is required.

Cashiers can choose various 3-hour shifts throughout the week: Wednesday night has a 6pm – 9pm shift only; Thursday and Friday have 4 shifts (9:30am – noon / noon – 3pm / 3pm – 6pm / 6pm – 9pm); Saturday has 3 shifts (9:30am – noon / noon – 2:30pm / 2:30pm – 5pm); Sunday has only one shift, 1pm – 4pm. Each Cashier shift should have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 volunteers. As a cashier, you will: weigh books, calculate amounts due, make correct change, provide good customer service, stuff bags with FOL information, give directions and be a friendly face at the checkout.

Restockers are the volunteers who work the floor during the sale. Shift length and times are the same as Cashiers (see above). Each Restocking shift should have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 volunteers. As a Restocker, you will: move books from boxes to tables, tidy tables and fill gaps in stock, learn the floor map and direct people to subject areas, learn the pricing scheme and advise people of book costs, provide good customer service, and be a friendly face on the sale floor.

Clean-up crew work the Sunday evening at the end of the sale: there is just one shift, from 4pm – 8pm, but it’s a lot of fun! The Clean-up crew is a mighty force of about 30 volunteers. As Clean-up crew, you will: pack up boxes of books for storage after the sale, pack up and label more boxes, take down all pricing, subject and map signage, tape together banker’s boxes and use trolleys and elevators to roll boxes of books downstairs.

Team Captains must be Friends of the Library members, and must be over 18. They must arrive 15 minutes before the start of their shift, and wear an FOL/OPL name tag. They are responsible for checking in volunteers by marking their attendance on the schedule and giving them a shirt and explaining their duties, pricing, and how the weigh scales work. They are also responsible for making cash deposits, recording deposits on the summary sheet, and transferring cash boxes to the next Team Captain. In the case of any dispute with a customer about refunds, membership or other issues, the Team Captain has the final say.

Sorters help sort and organize donated materials and weeded library materials in preparation for the FOL’s book sales. Sorters are needed year-round.

To apply to volunteer at the Book Sale please fill out an application form

If you would like to get involved and volunteer with FOL, please contact: fol@oakville.ca or call Central Branch Administration at (905) 815-2042.