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Sambetha Field

By Erum Khalid

"Tag you're it" giggled Isabel as she started to sprint across the Sambetha Field. I ran after her, I reached out to touch her back but she took a sharp turn and I missed her. I stopped running to try and catch my breath and plopped down on the soft luscious green grass. Isabel stopped running and came and sat next to me.

Isabel was really pretty with her straight long brown hair, half way down her back, and her breathtaking ocean blue eyes. All I wanted to do was take a swim in those eyes and her smile was the most marvelous smile ever. All I had was just short brown hair with plain brown eyes. She smiled at me and said "Isn't the sunset just so beautiful?"

I smiled back, realizing that she was the reason that made the sunset that much more pleasing to watch.

We both watched the sunset go down, I lay down on the grass and said "So Isabel you never told me how you died"

Isabel grimaced at the thought, "I was just taking a walk around my neighborhood and i saw this man, I'd never seen him before I thought he had just moved into the neighborhood."

"I started to walk home, when I heard someone walking behind me. I thought it was someone I knew so I was just about to turn around and say hi to them, when they grabbed me from behind. I tried to scream but they covered my mouth with their hand and something hard hit me across the head and I passed out."

"When I woke up I was in this field, my head was pounding profusely but all I could think about was how to get out of there"

"I got up and started to run but they caught me. I found out that it was that same man who just moved into the neighborhood. When he turned around I tried to make a run for but this time he took his gun and shot me and that was the end of me" by now Isabel was crying.

I tried to sooth her "It's okay, it's over now that man is probably in jail now, there is nothing to worry about" Isabel stopped crying and she smiled at me. We watched the sunset for a while longer but soon enough I had to go home. I said bye to Isabel and started my walk back home.

The next day I had breakfast with my foster parents. We talked about what we were going to do tomorrow since it was going to be my 10th birthday! We decided that we will have a big dinner with my favorite food and there will be cake to celebrate! I went to Sambetha to tell Isabel about tomorrow and see if she could come.

Once I got to the Sambetha, I saw Isabel sitting on the grass. I walked over to her and sat down beside her and greeted her, "Hello, what you up to?" She looked at me and smiled at my appearance, she welcomed me, "Hi. Nothing, you came at a good time, I had nothing to do"

I decided that I would tell her about my birthday now "My 10th birthday is going to be tomorrow and my foster parents are going to be making a big dinner with all my favorite food and cake to celebrate. Since you are my best friend I was wondering if you'd like to come?" a huge grin came across her face, but then it went away to a frown, she looked at the ground and said "I'm really happy it'll be your 10th birthday tomorrow but I'm sorry I can't come, for some reason I can't leave Sambetha. I have tried but I just can't. I guess that since I died here, I'm stuck here."

I was sad she couldn't come but it wasn't her fault so I didn't mind that much "Oh it's okay how about I come by tomorrow instead?" I suggested.

"Yes okay, I'll have a birthday present for you, I don't know what it is yet but I will have a birthday present for you" Isabel said with excitement. I looked at the time, I was already 10 min late, mom is going to be mad. I jumped to my feet said goodbye and ran home. Isabel laid down in the long warm grass she drowned in her thoughts

I'm so glad its John's 10th birthday tomorrow. What am I going to give him tomorrow? I know I should make him a card. No, that's not good enough. John will be moving on soon, he's 10 years old. I need to give him a good birthday present, one that he will remember forever. Wait what am I going to do once he moves on? I can't go with him because I can't leave Sambetha. Once he's older he'll forget about me and move on to bigger and much better things instead of spending time with me, I will become boring for him. Soon enough he will leave his foster parents, this neighborhood and me behind. Oh I know what my present should be for John. This would be just the right gift.

Isabel dozed off into deep sleep after deciding what her birthday present for John would be.

The next day John woke up got out of bed went to the washroom to brush his teeth. Once he was done he walked downstairs to a big surprise the whole kitchen was decorated just for him. There were balloons and confetti on the ground everywhere and the best part was the presents on the table surrounded by home- made waffles, pancakes, maple syrup and orange juice!

My foster parents walked into the room and gave me a big hug and both said happy birthday to me. We sat down at the breakfast table and had our breakfast.

After I opened the presents my they gave me, they were both nicely wrapped. I guessed mom wrapped dads too because dad is not good at wrapping presents at all. First I opened mom's which was wrapped in yellow wrapping paper with a green ribbon around it. I was so eager I ripped open the wrapping to find a black t-shirt with a really nice green design on it but the best part of the present was the drawing book with pencil crayons and shading pencils, I thanked mom and hugged her.

Next I opened dad's, it was wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a purple ribbon around it. I ripped it open like I did to moms, inside there was a box. I opened the box to find a pair of jeans to go with the black shirt my mom got me and I also got a journal. I thanked my dad and hugged him.

Afterward I went upstairs to my room sat down on my bed and started to write about everything in my life, how the orphanage was, how my parents got into a car crash, how I live with my foster parents now and how I met Isabel and how Isabel died in Sambetha.

Before I knew it, it was time for dinner I went downstairs to all my favorite food I sat down we said grace and we began to eat after dinner they brought in my cake with 10 candles on it I was about to blow the candles but my mom pointed out "Don't forget to make your wish before you blow out your candles" I thought for a while what my wish should be, finally I knew what my wish would be. I closed my eyes and thought of nothing but my wish I wish that Isabel and I will be friends forever. I blew the candles out and my parents started clapping and began to sing happy birthday to me. Once I finished my cake I left to go see Isabel at the Sambetha.

When I got to the Sambetha I didn't see her anywhere I walked further by the tree where she usually is but I didn't see her there either. I heard someone walk up behind me I was about to turn around but all of a sudden I felt a huge pain in my back. I grimaced at the pain, I tried to move but the pain commenced and I couldn't breathe anymore. I gasped for some air. I glanced down to see the top of the knife through my stomach. They pulled the knife out of me and I screamed from the pain. Blood was everywhere, on my hands, on my stomach, down my legs and on the ground. It was such a crimson seen. My legs weakened, I collapsed to the ground surrounded by my blood and stayed still, scared that if I make any movement that the pain will increase. I tried to catch my breath but all I could get were small gasps that got shorter and shorter each time. All I could smell was the blood it made me really nauseous. I tried to scream for help but nothing would come out and I was too weak to try again. My eyes were about to close, I tried to keep them open but I was too weak. I was too weak to do anything. I heard someone walk toward me; I opened my eyes for one last glance to see Isabel standing beside me with the knife in her hand and my blood on her hands and her dress. I was shocked that it was her; she smiled at me and said,

"Happy Birthday John" and I dozed off into very deep sleep.

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