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By Ethan Strathdee

Dead silence locked in concrete walls.
Noises echo through empty halls.
A metal beast now lies quiet. Perhaps
burnt out in a bloody riot. Curving
shapes mar the uniform grey.
Screaming messages cruel and fey.
But none are left to read what they say. Who
blew away the life with killing breath? Who
held this power to judge life and death? Great
metal things hurled into the sky
Came crashing down - made it all die.
Yet life still exists - just not here Where
the shattered ground does not leer. Green
lily pads float in black water.
In a wildcat den, young kittens purr. The
killers are gone, so now they can live
Innocent creatures no longer drain through the sieve.
Of survival in a grey, concrete land.
No, nature has begun to stand.
After millennia forced on its knees
Begging man to stop, please
Machines no longer cut the planet's life
Slicing like a sharpened knife.
Just the quiet calls of the marsh hens.
And the frog-chorus, from the fens.

Did You Know

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