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By Josie Luetke

Night time on la strada di disagio
Standing neck-deep in forget
Waiting, I look around
Pretend abandon doesn't bother me
Shoddy and half-butted
Illuminated but neglected
Night embraces the lonely walls
Whose silent words plead for care
Night listens
Fluttering and endearingly tentative
But. Creeping up my back; a spider:
An unexplained presence
Penetrates my bones
And night's soft caress feels suffocating
Flesh; gnawed by fear that feasts, felt hunger, and grows some more
And I rush quickly into the light
Out of the night
Before consumed by the fear
And night's hand grasps after me
Yet still I flee from the darkness
What I cannot see; unknown
And night's hand drops with disappointment
Left to bathe in its loneliness;
That is night time on the street of unease


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