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By Ema Brazdeikis

It seemed to be a strange night. As soon as I got home, the atmosphere didn't feel right. “Right on time for dinner.” My dad, Gable, had smiled as he opened our door. I frowned. “What's wrong?” His now noticeable wrinkles creased on his face. All of a sudden I heard a laugh coming from upstairs. I gave a quick kiss to dad to reassure him everything was alright , then sprinted up the creaky, wooden stairs.
“BALE!” I screamed angrily. My 10 year old brother innocently peeked out from inside my bedroom.
“Yes, my dearest sister Jackie?” He replied sweetly. Something was wrong I felt it. “Where's Pacifica?” I snarled.
“Um. I haven't seen her. Nope. Not tonight!” Bale smiled. “Thanks for stopping by though!” “Get.Out.Of.My.Room” I choked back a growl. Before Bale could mess up anything else I slammed open my door as hard as I can, from all the anger building up inside of me. My heart stopped. Pacifica was sprawled on my bed and markers were surrounding her. I ran up to examine my precious doll. Her coal black hair, delicately tumbling down her shoulders , just like it had before. Her beautiful baby blue eyes still staring back at me, like she had a secret. The gorgeous pale white dress still sparkling in the light and her- OH NO! I noticed Bale was standing beside my door, but as soon as he saw my horrified expression, he bolted. My beautiful Pacifica's legs were scribbled with blue and black marker! I know what you're thinking. I'm 14 years old and I get upset with what happens with my dolly. I found Pacifica in an alley when I was 5. The alley caught my eye as it had graffiti everywhere With so many different colours. I remember pulling my dad closer when I noticed a garbage bag With a yellow package sticking in it. There I found Pacifica. I loved her as soon as I laid my eyes On her. I snapped back into reality. I ran to our nearest washroom and started to scrub with all my might. I was glad when the marker on her was slowly washing off, I sighed with relief.
“DAD! TELL BALE TO LEAVE PACIFICA ALONE!” I screamed furiously. I hadn't heard exactly what my dad yelled back. It was a cross between “yeah sure” and “okay sweetheart you do that”. I didn't want to see my spoiled brat of a brother so I trudged off to bed early. I slipped into my fuzzy Hello Kitty pyjamas and snuggled in. But something wasn't right. One minute it was too hot and the other minute it was too cold. Before I knew it I heard the click of my dad's and brother's room lights. I groaned. I tossed and turned for what seemed like forever. But finally after an hour, I drifted off to a dreamless sleep.
I was awakened. My heart beating fast I looked around to see if someone was here. Nothing. Just the darkness of the night. I felt around for Pacifica. There was a crease from the spot where Pacifica had been, but she wasn't here now. I stood up from my bed and searched around.
“Pacifica?” I whispered expecting her to reply “I'm Here” , but it was silent. As I walked near my door I hit something hard with my foot. I looked down, Pacifica was lying There.
“What the-?” Before I could finish my sentence I fell and everything went black. I opened my eyes, after what seemed forever. I sat up and looked around. Where was I? My Eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness as I noticed where I was. The Graffiti. The Garbage bag. The bike that was placed gently near a wall. What was I doing here? Pacifica Was placed near me. Her eyes sparkling what seemed like excitement. I stood up to leave If my dad were to find out, I'd be grounded till college. But a force or something Was pulling me back. I decided instead of fighting for a way out , I would wait Until someone came for me. I looked around to grab Pacifica. It was dark and I was in an alley Of course I was scared! But Pacifica disappeared again. I walked further down the Alley, noticing a blue motorcycle and plants growing in around a door. A door that I have never noticed before. There was a single bright light hanging right above “The Door”. I couldn't hold back my curiosity anymore. I stepped toward the door and took a deep breath, it was now or never. I opened the door cautiously.
There stood in front of me was an exact replica of Pacifica, but she was human! The coal black Hair was swishing in the misty air. Blinking as any other girl would do. She bowed awkwardly.
“Who are you?” I screeched.
“I am Pacifica”
I couldn't believe it.
My doll was human!?
“ Do not be afraid Jackie” Pacifica soothed. “This is my home.”
She closed the door behind me and I stared in amazement around me. The sky was purple, water and fresh grass surrounded me. Mountains loomed in the distance and I gawked. “Pacifica!” An elderly man yelled. I whipped my head around just in time to see the elderly man And Pacifica embracing.
“Father.” She whispered with tears in her baby blue eyes. I stood there awkwardly fidgeting. I cleared my throat, ready for an introduction. But Instead the “father” turned his back to me and started whispering intently to Pacifica. His worried expression clued me in that something was wrong.
“Um hello” I announced. Pacifica's father turned to me and gave me a smile. “Hello, I am Abban, Pacifica's father.” He answered with a grin. “Welcome,” Abban added.
I introduced myself as well.
Abban had led us to his home. Which was a shack but it looked quite cozy with its straw roof and stringy bright lights hanging around the entrance of the door. The inside contained a couch. “This is lovely” I complimented while wondering where the fridge was. “ Would you mind staying here while Pacifica and I talk to some close family Members?” Abban sounded too hopeful to reject. As I sat down on the couch I began to wonder. Why where they whispering so frantically? Why didn't they invite me to go with them? These thoughts clouded my head and I remembered I hadn't gotten any sleep. So slowly I drifted off to, again, a dreamless sleep.
The sounds of bare feet slapping against the wooden floor had woken me up with a startle. “Huh?” I woke up rubbing my eyes.
“Sorry Jackie did we wake you?” Pacifica worried. I shook my head and smiled at both of them. “Come with us” Pacifica said as she chewed on her thumbnail. We stepped outside, the purple sky was turning darker.
“It's time” Abban whispered to Pacifica. They led me to a huge gathering of people surrounding what looked like a yellow orb? I gasped.
“Do not worry Jackie” Pacifica whispered to me. People gathered.
Their eyes filled with anticipation. I gave Pacifica a worried look. She replied back with a sad smile. I didn't know what was going on, but I Wasn't planning on staying here to find out. With an exasperated grunt I broke free from the crowd.
And started to run.
Didn't look back.
But they were faster. They caught me and held on to me with tight grips. With all my might again I tried to escape, but this time I couldn't.
They brought me near the yellow orb just as Pacifica was standing up.
“Pacifica!” I heaved as I pushed forward.
“My people” Pacifica started off with authority. “I have been a doll for so long and I am glad To be back.” A roar of cheering came over the crowd.
“To take my place we need to sacrifice a person into a doll in the place of me” Her voice trembled. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!
“Jackie” Pacifica looked straight at me. My eyes widened. Before I could ask her why, they threw me in. The yellow orb swirled around, my eyes were slowly starting to droop. Then it hit me.
It's just a dream.
A stupid, pathetic dream.
When I wake up everything would be the same. After a period of time , my eyes flicked open. I expected to wake up in my warm, cozy bed with the smell of pancakes wafting through the air. Instead it was dark, uncomfortable and smelled like garbage. Oh no.
“Daddy look” I heard a girl call out, the thud of the footsteps came closer and closer to me. Then I was opened up. Like a breath of fresh air I was staring back right into the eyes of a little girl.
“ I'm Suzy, and you are my doll.” The little girl grinned.

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