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By Evangeline Mann

No matter how much my mind pleads, my body cannot find an escape.
I am trapped.
Trapped. The word reverberates heavily in my head, crushing my spirit.
“Help, please!“ I yell at the top of my lungs.
I strain to hear but the air is silent. There is no response. No one comes to my aid.
I cannot remember the way out. It is dark and still in here.
Suddenly, my heart starts pumping with excitement as a tiny recollection surfaces.
In a great hurry I run back the way I came, hoping I don't bump into anyone on the way.
But in my rush to freedom, I don't see a jagged rock lurking in the shadows.
It catches the tip of my toe and I crash to the ground like a mighty oak felled by the wind.
Pain explodes from my appendage and races through my body.
Deep red blood seeps out, flowing around me and snaking everywhere.
Horrified my still somewhat calm, I wined my jacket around the gaping wound.
Shakily I stand and haltingly begin the journey to freedom, much more slowly this time.
One step. That's not so bad but the pain is fierce.
Four steps. I keep going dreaming of only what waits when I arrive.
Thirty steps. I am partly there. I can almost taste the delicateness of freedom.
Slowly, ever so slowly I inch along wishing I were closer.
There is the entrance with its thick, black bars. I push it open effortlessly.
On the other side I am bathed in sunlight.
The air smells like a dew-drenched meadow in early morning and I hear crickets.
The shackles have fallen; I am finally free.
Limping home, I feel a great gladness as my heart soars like the flying birds around me.
Whoopee! I am free.

The End

Did You Know

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