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Blessed Day

by Vasundhara Sadana

On this day I will ride my bike
When it is not day nor is it night
While in the water will swim the pike
And it is not dark with the moon shining bright

On the pathway around the trees
No birds in the flightless sky
A crunching noise from the glistening leaves
Is what I hear as I am passing by

I count the stars, one two three
The Autumn weather gifts a breeze
And in my head do I see
I picture a flock of flying geese

Like these geese, I wish to fly
I pedal fast through the trees
Around the Earth in the night sky
Flying, I wish to be free

In the time that has passed by
I am as alone as the flightless sky
And a wonderful thought has passed through my mind
That on this blessed day I have learned to fly

On this day I rode my bike
When it wasn't day nor was it night
While in the water swam the pike
And it wasn't dark because the moon shone bright