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Encapsulated Memory

by Richard Liu

Wheel of light silhouetted against all-encompassing night
Pungent mustard, sugar softly melting on tongue
Bright balloons, coloured by laughter and joy
Together, we are unassailable.

Strapped in, though one another is all the security we need
Hurtling through sausage-scented skies

Unravel our entwined lives, pluck out this moment
Submerge it in amber, harden it
Treasure it, cherish it, never let it go
Make it speak of a day when it lived
Together, we were unassailable.

Two bright motes suspended in a black velvet void
Solitary, yet never alone
Pushing to be closer, yet always too far
Together, we could have been unassailable.

Though the grains of the vast grey desert of time
Strive to erode your likeness from my mind
I still remember us, walking on and on
To what seemed like forever.