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The Cry of Rivets

by Josie Luetke

piece of popcorn wedges my teeth apart
plastic seat slippery with rain
i slide in and slip further
the bar slammed into place, locking me in

tinny music announces our commencement
with determination we sweep upwards
my innards left to gravity
the world expands out before me
i grasp at its twinkle
as my stomach flutters
peaking, and then sinking

the world tumbles forwards
and we're being ushered under the metal wheel
to emerge, still breathing, a second later

the structure groans as it lifts us again
the continuous grind scraping at our heels
up, around, and down
so we cycle
‘til I step on the seat, one foot on the bar poised to

"he's going to jump," they scream.
but when I leap, I fly
the Ferris wheel explodes behind me
rivets escaping into the night