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by Kayla Maue

I am alone with no one to whom I can turn,
For some companionship, or friends I yearn.
There is no one alive, who I can can trust,
Alone am I, in a city of rust.

Colours bleached, and passions drained
To this hopeless life, I am chained
Emptiness and depression, no way to escape what I feel
Where everything is broken, and dreams no longer real

My heart gathers dust, set away on a shelf
I endure, wistful, and all by myself
Pain through and through - my life�s not worth living
Why is there hope, if the world�s so unforgiving?

Labels thrown, like trash - without a thought
Homeless, smelly, street rat, snot
Why is it no one cares? Why is it I�m not the same?
Why of all people, am I the one to blame?

Let my heart burn, let my heart drown
My cuts and wounds, weigh me down
But the pain is inside, for I am alone
Is this my fate, to be but unknown?