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Ghosts Play Here

by Erika Bolliger

They run around like whispers,
Did you see her? With the golden hair?
They dance on moulded floors and rusted chairs,
There she is again! She's with a boy.
They swing from weakened beams; they play with melted toys,
What are the children doing out here?
Fairy sprites in a garden of skeletons,
They see us. They're everywhere.
The past trails behind them, the courtyard is a cinema:
Why can't you see them?
A time of painted walls and windows and doors,
She's looking at me. The same girl.
Of schoolyard games and silly faces,
I don't know what she wants.
Their footprints crumble in slow motion,
Something happened. She's showing me.
They run past neglect, dance on isolation,
We need to leave.
Children basking in the minds of those who've forgotten.
What happened here?
Run! Before the teachers see you!
The most terrible thing.
Only ghosts play here.