Before It All Began

by Rachel Eatough

The air is stale and my surroundings are lifeless. There's not a soul in sight and I suddenly fill with sorrow.

All the memories come back to me as I approach the decrepit wooden chair and think to myself, "is there anything I could've done to delay his actions?"

I could have been the one to take action and show leadership instead of being the follower. I could have stood up for what was right.

It has been almost 70 years since the war, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Bombs were flying. The terrifying ringing of people's cries surrounded me like a wall that couldn't be broken.

Invading their homes, turning buildings into rubble and taking the lives of so many.

I knew it was cowardly but didn't want to disobey because of what the consequences would've been. But, now I wonder would it have mattered for one person to die versus the lives of millions.

All I can do is sit on this deserted chair, pray for those I have killed and hope for a time before it all began.