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by Nicole Susan Paldino

Daylight fades, its warm sunny tune
Drowned out by the inching darkness
The Sun�s crescendo comes to a close
As she slips behind the unforgiving walls of the city
The jagged squares of cobblestone,
Painted gold by the dying star,
Will follow its creator
Until it ceases to be
The warm breeze that cuts through harsh cold
Will give way its final breath
Until ice pierces bone
And blood grows thick and frozen
The pigeons give their final screech of song
And the Sun bursts her last vibrant light;
Her finale; her utter surrender to dusk
The shadows nip at the heels of people walking by,
So unaware of the sin behind the unknown
And the Sun, giving way to the rising Moon,
Vanishes and succumbs to her ivory sister
The shadows flourish and thrive
Until they are one and mistaken with the night
The chatter of people, the shriek of birds,
The bursts of light, all finish their exceptional finale
As the darkness and the silence consume all