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Myself Alone

by Sierra Vaillancourt

A blur of colours and sounds, a mess of people and places.

Glistening eyes, blowing hair, expressions stamped on faces.

The world is spinning much too fast and I need it to slow down,

Everyone I see looks unhappy, every smile suddenly a frown.

A pain is stabbing me in the chest, a realization begging to break through,

Out of all the people passing the only one I can think of is you.

Each face that blends into the next is not one I want to see,

I can't break through the growing crowd I need you next to me.

I feel alone as ever, I'm isolated and lame.

I need to go back to the night we met, the day my Prince Charming came.

But as people rush by me I realize what's really true,

Everyone is out of focus, everyone including you.

You didn't steady my world, it wasn't you that set me free,

Out of all the people running by the only one I need is me.