by Kayla Maue

Iíve been here for an age
Before the empires fell
Witnessed the blood and rage
Of which the stories tell

Throughout the passing time
Iíve seen the castles crumble
Watched the Romans fall
And to earth and fire, tumble

Ironclad soldiers marched my streets
Doing many a grievous thing
I watched as people were slaughtered
Or thrown into the ring

Iíve tasted a bitter taste
As my alleys ran with blood
Treacherous and slick
A dark and twisted flood

My courtyards rang with speeches
Iíve known the tyrants who roared of death
Seen leaders take a wrong turn
Glimpsed many a last breath

But days of old have changed
Screams have faded long last
As my streets fill with tourists
Eager to learn from the past