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by Kayla Maue

I�ve been here for an age
Before the empires fell
Witnessed the blood and rage
Of which the stories tell

Throughout the passing time
I�ve seen the castles crumble
Watched the Romans fall
And to earth and fire, tumble

Ironclad soldiers marched my streets
Doing many a grievous thing
I watched as people were slaughtered
Or thrown into the ring

I�ve tasted a bitter taste
As my alleys ran with blood
Treacherous and slick
A dark and twisted flood

My courtyards rang with speeches
I�ve known the tyrants who roared of death
Seen leaders take a wrong turn
Glimpsed many a last breath

But days of old have changed
Screams have faded long last
As my streets fill with tourists
Eager to learn from the past